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Suzie Diamond Cain Organising Adhd

Hey Baddie! I'm Suzie...

First of all: I refer to other members of my tribe as 'baddies' because I know how badass you are to live with Adhd. 

Lemme break down some fun facts about me: 

1. I'm a Professional Organiser & Life Coach with over 16 years experience: & HELL NO: I WAS NOT BORN ORGANISED!!!

2. I'm a late-diagnosed Adhder: my diagnosis at 37 years-old made SO much sense of my life... so much, that I'm STILL having light-bulb moments today. (You can often find me oversharing these on my socials!)

2. My childhood and adolescent years were tough: I spent almost 10 years battling multiple forms of addiction (including drug addiction). And of course I wear it like a badge of honour now... if everybody understood what it takes to beat addiction, society would celebrate recovery more and shame addiction SO MUCH less!

3. I'm passionate about learning, educating and having honest conversations. Neurodiversity AND brain health are my special interests. I am constantly learning in this area BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED!!!

4. I'm an Activist & proud solo, spice mum. With the help of my community, I'm collecting stories and numbers in order to campaign to improve Mental Health & reduce the number of misdiagnosis in adults with Autism and Adhd. Did you know that training in Adhd and Autism is currently not compulsory for mental health practitioners? Take one minute to fill out my survey and sign my Parliament petition here  

5. I'm a chronic pain warrior & Domestic Abuse Survivor: living with Fibromyalgia is constantly teaching me how to look after myself better. I love sharing all I've learned (&continue to learn) with others who have experienced this also. Your stories are all incredibly valuable to me. 

Learn more about me here.

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My Mission

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To leave you better then I found you!

At Organising Adhd, we help individuals from all walks of life to create calm from chaos.

As someone who has worked with people for over 16 years, I understand the healing process deeply. This is why I act as a Mentor to teach and provide you the tools in which you can heal yourself...  because ultimately, other people do not save us, but they can support us in our journey to healing ourselves. 

Did you know?...

People who spend time in cluttered environments are more stressed? Clutter has been scientifically proven to increase Cortisol (the stress hormone) within the body! Add to this the fact that Adhders also have higher levels of Cortisol within the body and it's an absolute no-brainer. 

Our services provide a host of benefits, including but not limited to: 

Promoting holistic wellbeing

Increasing productivity

More mental clarity

Alleviates symptoms of depression

Reduces anxiety 

Minimises tension

Saves time

Saves money

Improves relationships

Promotes healthier habits &

Invites more calm

More focus &

More presence

Read more about the Benefits of Decluttering and The Benefits of Home Organisation.

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How Does it Work?

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Image by Roman Bozhko
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Step 1

Once you have reached out, a taster session will be arranged to explore what we could achieve together.

Please note: fees apply: taster sessions are not free!

Step 2

Upon booking, your session fee will be paid for​ & a copy of my T's & C's will be emailed to you with a link to access your first session.

Step 3

Upon closing of your taster session, you will receive a proposal, detailing the work that needs to be done to achieve what you desire and  a clear break-down of pricing + my availability. 

Please note: I do always have a wait list these days, so please check this if you are in a hurry for any reason. 

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What my clients say...

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Image by Brooke Cagle

Suzie is AMAZING! I was in such a muddle when I reached out for help and anxious about inviting a stranger into my cluttered and chaotic home. The minute Suzie arrived, she put me at ease. Not only did we tackle my hoard but more importantly- we worked on why(?!) I was struggling to keep on top of our belongings. Working on the emotional connection to the clutter was so deeply helpful and I found Suzie to be understanding and empathetic without a hint of judgement. I would (and have) thoroughly recommend Organising Adhd.

Thanks Suzie, you're an absolute legend!

Apply to Work With Me...

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Working from Home

"You don't have to to see the whole staircase- just take the first step" 

- Martin Luther King

Please detail where you are right now and what you'd like to achieve through working with me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Thanks for submitting!

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