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Organising Adhd

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Welcome to Organising Adhd

We offer a range of services that restore calm, order and functionality within body, mind and spirit.

Did you know that your environment is a vital component to your wellbeing?

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Have you ever noticed how your surroundings impact the way that you feel?


Is clutter piling up while you struggle to keep on top of the amount of stuff that pours in daily?


 From work, life & relationship commitments, to cleaning, shopping, self-care, child-care, never-ending-piles-of-laundry, paperwork & appointments... 


 If you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands & stresses of everyday life, I can promise you that - you are not alone. 


Now, let me ask you this:

If you had more time & space to spend on the things that you love - what would your life look like? And how would this change the way that you feel?


Perhaps you…

  • Are seeking a reliable service you can trust to help keep your space functional & beautiful?


  • You need an empathetic professional who can support you & teach you tools that will enable you to heal, grow & succeed?

Whatever your situation. Whoever you are... we would L O V E to help you!​​​​​​​​​​


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Suzie Diamond Cain Organiser & Coach Prim and Proper Homes Braintree Essex

Hi, I'm Suzie, the founder of Prim and Proper Homes. I'm a Professional Organiser & Lifestyle Coach with over 16 years experience. This is my dream job & I feel fortunate to be here doing it.

 I specialise in working with Bereavement & Neurodiversity (I'm also a proud Adhder!) My passion is helping others to simplify & beautify everything home, mind & life. Read more about me here.

 My dream team consists of highly experienced & Professional women with various valuable skill-sets... yet, one thing unites us all- we are passionate about what we do! Learn more about us here.

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Explore bespoke organisation solutions that work WITH your brain type!

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Service includes up to one car load of recycling &/or donations disposed of after each session

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Service includes optional Concierge service for an additional fee

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A warm, empathetic service that you can depend on

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Organisation doesn't end in the home, it can elevate your lifestyle too!

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Our aim? To leave you better then we found you!

At Organising Adhd we help individuals from all walks of life to create calm from chaos.

Did you know?...

People who spend time in cluttered environments are more stressed? Clutter has been scientifically proven to increase Cortisol (the stress hormone) within the body!

Our services provide a host of benefits, including but not limited to: 

  • Promoting holistic wellbeing

  • Increasing productivity

  • More mental clarity

  • Alleviates symptoms of depression

  • Reduces anxiety 

  • Minimises tension

  • Saves time

  • Saves money

  • Improves relationships

  • Promotes healthier habits &

  • Invites more calm

  • More focus &

  • More presence

Read more about our Mission here.

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Once you have reached out, an in-house, or virtual consultation will be arranged to see the project at hand & discuss ways in which we can help you. 

When you are ready to book your service, a 50% deposit will be paid & dates of service secured.

A copy of our agreement + our T's & C's will be emailed to you. 

  • *In-house consultations charged at a rate of £50 per hour, plus travel fees for two PO's

  • Virtual consultations: free for up to 15 minutes


Organising Adhd arrives to carry out your service on agreed date & time.


You will receive a follow-up call about your service, to check in & ensure you are happy with the results.

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Image by Brooke Cagle


Suzie is AMAZING! I was in such a muddle when I reached out for help and anxious about inviting a stranger into my cluttered and chaotic home. The minute Suzie arrived, she put me at ease. Not only did we tackle my hoard but more importantly- we worked on why(?!) I was struggling to keep on top of our belongings. Working on the emotional connection to the clutter was so deeply helpful and I found Suzie to be understanding and empathetic without a hint of judgement. I would (and have) thoroughly recommend Prim and Proper Homes.

Thanks Suzie, you're an absolute legend!

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