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Suzie Diamond Cain Professional Organiser Lifestyle and Adhd Coach

Okay... so first of all - I've got a confession to make: I wasn't born tidy, or organised! For me, it was a self-taught skill, that, when coupled with my heightened intuition - exposed a talent for being able to create a sense of equilibrium to any environment...

 ..16 years on & countless clients later- I am still finding so much joy, fulfilment & satisfaction in helping others to achieve this too.

 My clients come from all walks of life & I have lead many of my own too; I'm a seasoned Professional who is deeply empathetic & I can promise you this upfront- our work together is fully confidential.

 I have personal experience of what it's like to start life over again...

  • I've lost all my parents & cleared out the family homes following bereavement

  • I've experienced a relationship breakdown & becoming a single parent

  • I've lost my way, had my life shattered into a million pieces & built an empire from the ruins that were left over

I understand how challenging life can be & I am here to help lighten your load & champion you.

 Your home is such an intimate space. Your life is such a personal thing, this isn't just about 'stuff'. It's a deep meditation on the journey of life, an honest reflection on how we choose to spend our time. It's an alchemic process where we find ways to manifest what it is we truly want.  


My team have been carefully selected & are all so vibrant & talented in their own way!​ I am our resident Professional Organiser & Lifestyle Coach.

I like to make a lot of noise on social media about Neurodiversity because as a late-diagnosed Adhd woman, I understand the need for more collective awareness & understanding on Adhd & Neurodiversity in general.

 I'm also, always giving away free tips & advice on all things home, lifestyle & wellness, because I believe that irrespective of social class, or bank balance, we all deserve access to the tools that will help us to live happier, healthier lives. So, give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok @suziediamondcain 


 After over 16 years (& counting!) working with people I have only ever found one thing to be consistently true… that is: that everyone is unique. What might work for one person, may not work for another & so my approach is always person-lead; meaning that who you are, what you need, want, think, feel, know & believe to be true drives the way my service is tailored to fit you & your space.

 Mental Health is finally becoming a subject that has less shame & stigma attached to it. More people are speaking up. More people are taking their self-care seriously. And the more educated people become, the more it is realised just how vital it is to have a healthy home that reflects how we want to feel. Optimum health is not a result of recognising a mind-body connection... it's about considering how our mind, body and environment all impact one another. 

Providing a well organised, clean & clutter-free space doesn't just improve wellbeing, it improves productivity. It improves relationships. It creates mental space & clarity & so much more! Read all about the benefits of decluttering here & all the benefits of organising here. 


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Suzie Diamond Cain Adhd Advocate and LifeCoach

I trained as a Journalist at university & spent my 20's working in Design/Communications & writing for various publications... Though I am very proud of what I achieved, creating for others did not bring me lasting fulfilment. 

 Following a life-long passion for

Psychology & Mindfulness, I Qualified as a Life Coach in my 30's & have worked in Health & wellness for over 16 years. I have worked with various charities too, including: Mind, Age Concern, SENSE & The NHS. Read more about my qualifications here. 

Decluttering & Organising is something I did naturally for many years. Family & friends have called upon me regularly to help them too. But it became a really powerful tool in healing myself when I became a single mum. Pressed for time, with big dreams & constantly stressed. I needed help. I needed balance. I needed to stop wasting time on things I didn’t want, need, love or use & start getting intentional. So, I had a major clear out… it was so liberating! Whilst clearing out my clutter, I started to notice people, limiting beliefs, habits that were no longer serving me & thoughts that were also weighing me down… 

.. I realised that all my physical clutter was really just a manifestation of all the mental clutter I had been carrying around unconsciously! Decluttering is such a deep & spiritual process because it begins with an awareness of what isn't working for us.

 Having my daughter & becoming a single parent later in life opened my eyes up to so many things. But most importantly, it made me stop & think. I became inspired to use my creativity (something us Adhders have in abundance!) to invent opportunities for myself and others. During the Covic-19 Pandemic, I married all the things I love together - Wellness, Home Services, Self Development, Spirituality, Service & Psychology - Pr was born! I have never been more fulfilled in my career & it has provided a platform on which I have been able to create working opportunities for other mums seeking rewarding & flexible work too.

I am trained in a wealth of expertise, yet it is the combination of my own colourful life experience & almost two decades of working with people that adds the most value in my practise.

 I can't wait to meet you & learn your story someday. 

L O V E,



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