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Adhd Coaching Prim and Proper Homes Suzie Diamond Cain

Adhd Coaching: waitlist September 2024

"I love when people that have been through hell walk out of the flames carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the fire"

- Stephanie Sparkles

I've always enjoyed working with Neurodivergent clients. It was working with Neurodiversity that lead me to finding my own! 

 Discovering my Adhd was a blessing.  To finally:

  • Be able to understand my brain type  

  • Have language to express challenges I had previously felt alone in

  • To find a supportive, loving community who GETS me &

  • To finally get a shot at reaching my potential...

.. something us Adhders have in abundance!

Although every person I meet is  unique there are some wonderful, positive traits that we all share:

  • Curiosity 

  • Abundance of energy

  • Excellent pattern recognition &

  • High creativity​

Do you recognise these in yourself?​​

 I work together with my clients, using a person-centred approach. Your story is valuable to me. I will respect you & never judge you.

 I work with individuals who inspire me all the time. It is my duty to see all the beauty & value within you & reflect this back so that you can see it too.

Every tool I teach is simple and scientifically proven to be effective. ​


 Whether you are:

  • Officially diagnosed

  • Self-diagnosed

  • Struggling with ADHD, ASD, a combination of the two, or

  • Have some comorbidities...


  Whether you are: 

  • The same gender you were assigned at birth, or 

  • Are just one of the many beautiful colours that make up the LGBTQIA+ community...


- You are very welcome here!

Read my Professional & personal CV here. For all the tea on how I discovered my own Neurodivergence check out this blog post by yours truly: 67 Reasons I knew I had Adhd 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Aand for free tips, advocacy & advice follow me on Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram. ​​

Click here to see how you can get Adhd Coaching for FREE​​

ADHD Coaching: About

Ways I Can Help You

Strategy and Goal Planning

Every Neurodivergent individual I meet is not only talented, but extremely capable. Let's explore ways to implement strategies that stick and set goals that are achieveable.

Chess Pieces Close-up

Overcoming Negative Thoughts, RSD & Dismantling Beliefs

Did you know that an individual with Adhd receives up to 20,000 negative comments or criticisms about our behaviour before we even reach adulthood? 

 With this in mind, is it any wonder that low self-esteem is often correlated with Adhd? I am not only professionally but personally experienced in this process. I see you and I know that you can overcome these hurdles.

Organized Cubicles

Accountability & Body Doubling

Staying on top of tasks and managing procrastination can be tough with Adhd, but with me by your side, it's totally possible. After we have completed your strategy plan and broken down your goals, I will check in with you to hold you accountable and extra accountability sessions, or body doubling sessions are available to purchase as extras for as long as you need.

virtual pa.jpg

Lifestyle Organisation

Using a collaborative approach, together we will create organisation systems in your home & life that support your daily rhythms and who you want to be.

WARNING: Be prepared, this could save you time, money and bundles of energy for the things that matter most to you. 

Hand turns dice and changes the slogan 'change your habits' to 'change your life'..jpg

The Extras

  • Fully confidential

  • Certified, Trauma-Informed Life & ADHD Coach with experience of working with a variety of circumstances and Mental Health conditions  

  • Person-centred, holistic approach

  • Highly experienced with a variety of additional training, including Mindfulness, Breathwork, ADHD (I also have ADHD myself!) Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr Gabor Maté, Uncovering Unconscious Beliefs & NLP techniques 

Suzie Diamond Cain Adhd Advocate and LifeCoach
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Meet Your Coach

ADHD Coaching: Text
Lifestyle Coaching Suzie Diamond Cain Prim and Proper Homes

Hi! I'm Suzie and here is my Professional CV...

I'm an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach and Author who's always been fascinated by Psychology. I would read shelf after shelf of Psychology books in my local library for fun during my teens... and two decades later, I still do!

 Despite training to be a Journalist at University, my love for helping others and fascination with both spirituality and the human mind never faltered... 

 I dedicated over a decade of my working life to Social Care, where I championed many people, places and causes. Just some of these causes include: MIND Mental Health Charity, SENSE Deaf/Blind Charity, The Citizens Advice Bureau and The NHS. I have worked with Addiction, Mental Health, a variety of disabilities and End of Life. I have met hundreds and hundreds of humans; And one thing remains consistent across the board - every person is unique, which is why my approach is person-centred.

So, that's a brief glimpse of my Professional cv, but are you ready to see my real cv now? This is where I gained most of my wisdom from...

Suzie Diamond Cain Prim and Proper Homes Adhd Coach

Okay, this is awkward, but can we start again?...

My name is Suzie and I am a recovering perfectionist (read more about this here). My ailments have been many... First, was my obsession with my weight *cringe* and my appearance. I recognise this low-level Body Dysmorphia in so many other women that: it's. just. criminal.

Okay, so now we've established that I'm not perfect and I'm not going to pretend to be, let's keep moving...

 My late teens-early 20's was a series of unhealthy fixations on things that didn't really matter, just so that I could out-run all the things that did matter... (I know, it makes no sense!)

I was the ultimate Self-sabotage Queen. My tragic obsessions kept me small- not just physically, but mentally. Spiritually... I was starving! I just didn't know what it was I was hungry for. Keeping myself small and the world safe from my potential did not work out for me. And I am not sorry when I sincerely say that: I hope it doesn't work out for you either.

 My life has been one-hell-of-a-ride and it's been of FULL of adversity. Something that I believe has made me an exceptional human and coach.

The root of my teaching is all about self-love and becoming unapologetically authentic, but let me tell you- I haven't always loved myself... and I haven't always been authentically me either.

.. And if I'm completely honest: in my earlier years, there were times I didn't even like myself, but I've come a long, LONG way and I know that no matter where you are... You can too!

I 100% believe in radical transformation, because I am living proof that it is possible!

I can't wait to empower you, to teach you what I know, to give you profound insights that will transform your perspective. I can't wait to listen to your stories and maybe even share a few of my own with you too. 

Here are just a few things I have Professional, and/or personal experience of: 

  • Perfectionism 

  • ADHD

  • Addiction recovery

  • Self-sabotage

  • Ego/shadow work 

  • Developing self-awareness 

  • Overcoming anxiety

  • Building confidence 

  • Developing resilience 

  • Healing from grief

  • Domestic abuse & surviving many types of abuse

  • The Law of Attraction

  • Compassionate enquiry & radical acceptance

  • Boundary work

  • Identifying & overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Goal setting

  • Natural ways to calm the Nervous System

  • Time management and productivity

  • Practical positivity

  • Building New Habits 

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

Book your taster session with me today and let's see what we can achieve together. I look forward to meeting you!



ADHD Coaching: Testimonials
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Did you know that if you have ADHD your Coaching costs with me could be fully funded? Yep- that's right: FREE COACHING!!!

If you are an adult with ADHD and live in the UK, you may be able to claim back some of the cost of your ADHD coaching through the Access to Work scheme.

Access to Work (A2W) is for people over 16, who are either employed or self-employed, or for those who are seriously looking at going into business or working for themselves in the very near future AND have a disability or health condition.

The support you get will depend on your needs. Through Access to Work, you can apply for:

  • A grant to help pay for practical support with your work – including ADHD coaching, to help you with work related obstacles or developing effective systems and habits

  • Advice about managing your mental health at work

  • Money to pay for communication support at job interviews

  • Money towards products that help you manage the effects of your disability in the workplace, such as noice cancelling headphones

  • Other practical help, like travel help or BSL interpreters



Access to Work will consider paying grants of up to 100% for:

  • Self-employed people

  • People who work for an organisation with fewer than 50 employees

  • People who have been working for less than 6 weeks when they first apply for Access to Work

  • If you work for someone with over 50 employees, 

  • Your employer will need to contribute the first £500 and then 20% of any costs above this

  • You will also need to disclose your disability to your employer to apply for a grant

information is updated regularly on and was correct as at 16.12.2021.

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