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Declutter Your Life

What is Decluttering?

Creating Space For What Matters

Decluttering is the practise of letting go of physical items, which in turn leads to a mental & emotional process of releasing old attachments & blockages. Releasing what no longer serves us is vital for our health & ability to move with the ebbs and flows of life as it changes & unfolds - just as we do. 

But Decluttering is not just good for your mental health, it is also:

  • A way to increase productivity

  • Save valuable time everyday &

  • Introduces more clarity & space for the things that we really value in our lives

Read my popular blog post on 18 benefits of Decluttering. 

 A build up of clutter in the home is perfectly normal from time, to time & can happen for many reasons; such as: 

  • Lack of time

  • A decline in mental, or physical health, or

  • The introduction of a new family member in your home

 Staying on top of clutter in a busy, modern day life can be challenging & time consuming. But with me on hand to help this doesn't have to be an ongoing problem for you.

 I work with clients from all walks of life:

  • Busy parents

  • Professionals

  • Pensioners & 

  • Individuals with health conditions & disabilities

Decluttering is an opportunity to assess: 

  • what is working for us & what is not

  • It is an opportunity for outer & inner transformation

  • And the benefits to Decluttering are big, juicy & life-changing

  • Read my blog post on The Benefits of Decluttering here. 

Meet me right now by clicking here.

 Decluttering is one of my most popular services & can be combined with the Home Organising service. 

 I offer my clients:

  •  One-off decluttering sessions -  from stream-lining entire households & commercial properties; to the smaller decluttering projects that many people just don't have the time to get round to; As-well-as

  • Regular check-ins  to help you maintain a clutter-free home

 I understand how busy life can be. And I know it can seem a little bit out there to some of you.... but when it comes to mess? I am a passionate, excitable little weirdos who receives so much satisfaction from helping you turn a chaotic space into an orderly haven that supports your needs. It's not just our passion... it's part of my calling!

So, please - do not apologise for your space in any way, shape or form. Dusty? Dirty? Cluttered? No matter what it looks like - all I see is the potential & will work tirelessly with you to get it to how you want it to be!

 An expert in the Decluttering process I can teach you all their Professional hacks on how to streamline & maintain your home with ease; as-well-as increase your day-to-day productivity.

 Just some examples of the spaces that I can Coach you to Declutter include:

  • Home offices

  • Gardens

  • Commercial spaces

  • Stockrooms

  • Playrooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Living spaces

  • Kitchens

  • Dining areas

  • Hallways

  • Lofts

  • Sheds

  • Outbuildings

  • Garages

  • Receptions

  • Bathrooms

Experienced with:

  • ADHD

  • Bereavement

  • Chronic Disorganisation and

  • A variety of Mental Health challenges, including 

  • Hoarding Tendencies

Fully confidential service available with, or without coaching. 

Price available on consultation. Book your taster session here. 

Declutter Your Life: Service
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