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Suzie Diamond Cain Prim and proper Homes Professional Organiser Adhd Coach


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No two people are the same. Neither is a home.

 Our approach is simple and effective:​​​

  • We celebrate what makes you and your space unique 

  • We offer a bespoke approach 

  • We help our you to fall in love their space

  • We help you to rediscover clarity

  • We help you reclaim valuable time & energy to spend on what truly matters to you 

  • We help you to succeed by creating space for their goals & minimising stress in the environment

  • We help you to create an


     that is tailor-made for who you 

    really are AND who you want to be! ​​​

 Here at Organising Adhd, we believe that a beautiful, safe, clean & organised environment is not a luxury, but an important part of self-care.

Did you know?... A well organised, clutter-free space has been scientifically to reduce stress, promote healthier habits and improve total wellbeing? 


We believe in Equality. We believe in Diversity. And no matter your situation... we believe in you!


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Organising Adhd provides a range of eco-friendly & Holistic Home Services that creates clearer homes & calmer minds. Including, but not limited to: 

 Our service is confidential, compassionate & non-judgemental with full transparency including full disclosure of our t's & c's, Code of Ethics & prices. Get in touch with us today to arrange your FREE, no obligation consultation. 


 A business with the heart of a Social Enterprise, PAPH's is proud to support local charities with regular donations through its work. So, every-time you do business with us, you’re also helping to improve your community - pretty amazing, huh?!

 Whatever lead you here to us today... Congratulations for taking that first step towards a life you deserve!​​ You're now one step closer to:​


  • Living in an environment that supports your unique values, preferences & lifestyle

  • A calmer, more intentional existence with less tension, better sleep & more clarity

  • Feeling more connected to yourself, your lifestyle & your home

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At Organising Adhd, every member of our team is:

  • Valued for their contribution

  • Respected as an individual 

  • Paid ABOVE minumum wage

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