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Organising ADHD

As an ADHD female myself, I've got a confession to make - I wasn't born organised. But I know that if I can be, then you can too!

I'm so passionate about teaching Organisation Skills to others because I have experienced the endless benefits of it in my own life. I also recognise that organisation has been an integral part of my success & I acknowledge it's importance in helping me reach my potential. I get such a kick out of helping my clients achieve things they'd previously considered impossible too.

 Random Question: If your dream life were a cake, what flavour would you choose?

 I'd choose a chocolate cake. Simple, but without the right ingredients it's a catastrophe... much like a life without organisation.

Living without Organisation is like preparing the most gorgeous cake everyday and putting it in the oven, only for it to keep falling flat because the rising agent wasn't there. Organisation provides necessary structure for us to live our best lives.

But Organisation provides much more than a stable platform. It helps:

  • Increase clarity

  • Reduce confusion

  • Improve mood

  • Create a steady flow, rhythm and calm

  • Saves time

  • Saves energy, so you can have more reserved for the other things in your life you love too

Read more about the benefits of Home Organisation here. 

Organising ADHD: Service
Suzie Diamond Cain Adhd Organiser & Coach Prim and Proper Homes

Adhd brains are not the same as Neurotypical brains and they should never be treated as such. In fact, being brought up on a neurotypical manual as a Neurodivergent individual is what prevents many talented & capable Neurodivergent superhumans from reaching their potential. I'm glad to tell you that: this isn't how your story has to end... and I'd love to be the fan beneath your rise, cheering you on from the side-lines. 

 I will help you to:

  • Develop person-centred strategies that work for you

  • Achieve greater balance 

  • Maintain organisation systems that make life more simpler

  • Save time, money & energy

Some clients contact me for a complete overhaul. Some call me back regularly for maintenance and some fall in love with Organising. We are all different, which is why approach is always bespoke to meet your unique lifestyle, preferences & needs.  

Organising ADHD: About

My promise to you

  • I will leave you & your home better than I find you

  • I will honour your uniqueness

  • I will listen to you & guide you as a Professional friend, not an authority

  • I will not judge you

  • Confidentiality

  • I am invested in your wellbeing too

I can't wait to meet you!



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