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18 Benefits Of Decluttering

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

1. Reduces Stress

It has been scientifically proven that clutter increases the amount of Cortisol (the stress hormone) released into the body.

Stressed out? Get decluttering! Check out my post with Pro tips on how to successfully Declutter here. #yourewelcome

2. Improves Relationships

Has yours, your kids, or your partners belongings ever caused tension and/or arguments within the home? From not being kept tidy, to not being able to find something... reducing clutter can minimise the probability of items going missing and make it easier to keep the space tidy = less arguments & improved relationships.

3. Saves Time

When our home is drowning in clutter it can be hard to see what we have. Decluttering our homes and being intentional about what we keep makes it easier to see, find & appreciate what we have.

4. Finding Lost Treasure

Just like packing for a home move, decluttering can result in us finding lost gems along the way. Can't find something? Get decluttering asap & chances are it will turn up along the way!

5. Builds Confidence

Because clutter is basically just unmade decisions, making a series of decisions builds momentum & confidence. Resulting in a renewed confidence when it comes to saying 'yes' & 'no'.

6. Connects Us to What Matters

When we take the time to sit down & evaluate what we have in our physical environment, it starts an internal decluttering process where we begin to contemplate what really matters to us.

7. Refreshes Priorities

Have you ever been in a place where you just don't know what you want/need/enjoy anymore? It happens to us all from time, to time. Decluttering our physical space invites us to take stock of what we have... meaning we can consider what we enjoy. We can see what we are prioritising. And we can evaluate & identify any changes that need to be made along the way.

8. Offers Valuable Reflection

From revisiting old photos & clothes, to learning to let go of things that we just can't identify with anymore, Decluttering our physical space is a perfect activity for reflecting upon what is important to us... from the relationships we have, to the habits we have. Decluttering offers an insight into ourselves that we seldom see otherwise.

10. Creates space for new goals

Did you know that Decluttering & Organising a space maximises your chance for success? It has been scientifically proven! Get decluttering now to make space for your goals & contact me for your free consultation to learn how to create an environment that supports the life that you want.

11. Increases Mental Clarity

Feeling foggy with lack of direction? Get decluttering today to invite some clarity into your life.

12. Better Sleep

Studies have proven that those who live in less cluttered environments get a better nights sleep. Struggling to get your winks in? Try decluttering your space!

13. Reduces Anxiety & Depression

Decluttering has also been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety & depression.

14. Alleviates Tension – Helping You to Relax

For the same reasons that a less cluttered environment minimises conflict in families & partnerships & minimises Cortisol & levels of anxiety... a decluttered space also reduces tension meaning better relaxation. If you're having a hard time relaxing at home, maybe it's time to declutter...

15. Increases Self Love

Because Decluttering invites us to get intentional about what we want, need, love & use within our environment, it is an important act of self-care that can dramatically improve our wellbeing within the matter of hours, days, or weeks.

16. Creates Head Space

Clutter doesn’t just take up space in the home, it takes up space within our heads. When we cut the clutter, we create mental space... space to dream, space to plan, space to reconnect to our values. Space to grow & evolve into who we are continually unfolding to be.

17. Saves Money

When we declutter our homes & work spaces, we often come across items we forgot we had. We reflect on things we no longer need. And we become clear about what we need & what we don't. With reduced confusion & more time to spend on what & who we love, we become more aware of what we need... & more aware of our habits of buying things that we don't. Consumer culture is something that we have all been conditioned with & regular decluttering can help to heal from this.

18. Reduces Allergens

Less stuff = less dust, less dirt, less grime & less things that irritate allergies.

So, that's it. Is there anything else that you would include?

Hope you're having a great week!

L O V E,


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