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3 Small Kitchen Organisation Ideas to Create Space Immediately

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Having a small kitchen can feel restrictive, but it doesn't have to be. The reality is that there are so many clever storage solutions to maximise space in the smallest of spaces; Plus so many good interior design tricks to make your home appear larger than it really is.

Below, I've compiled some of my favourite storage solution ideas to help transform your kitchen into a place where you can get more organised and claim back the space that you and your family so deserve.

1. A Hanging Pot Rack

If shelving and storage is limited for your pots and pans consider a hanging pot rack. Not only does it keep your pots and pans all together, but they look beautifully decorative and create a wonderful feature for any kitchen. Add a hanging plant for that rustic, Boho vibe. Try this modern, chic rendition priced under £40 at B&Q available here

2. Over-the-door Shelving

Space-saving shelving is not just a smart idea, but a beautiful one. Check out this smart, space-saving over-the-door solution here.

3. Vertical tray dividers

These create so much order & space within cupboards while keeping everything beautifully neat. Check out this absolute steal from Amazon for just £9.99!

And the best part of all?- Every one of these solutions is made from sustainable & recyclable materials.

If you're inspired and thirsty for more - I've got you my friend. Head over to this post to learn Seven Pro tips on Kitchen Organisation right now.

Are you going to try any of these techniques within your kitchen? Which one is your favourite?

Hope you're having a blessed week,


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