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4 Types of Clutter & How to Get Declutter For GOOD: Part 4

Whoa... So this is final part of my four-part blog series on all things clutter. Have you ever heard of 18 types of clutter before? Chances are, you probably haven't. But they're all noted here with solutions for each type...

And hey- don't worry if you missed parts 1-3, they can still be found here:

Without further a-do, let's dive right in....

15. Bargain clutter

Just because something is a bargain doesn’t mean it deserves space in your home either! You may have seen something in the sales, but would you have bought it if it was full purchase price? Maybe you bought an item in bulk because it was cheaper but do you really need to stockpile? A bargain is only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway.

The Solution...

Time to get honest and accountable:

  • Where does most of your bargain clutter come from?

  • What conscious action can you take to avoid going to these places?

  • What would happen if you said no? Do you struggle saying no? Do you know why?

  • How is your relationship with money? Write down your relationship history with money from back to your earliest memories to present day... can you identify anything that gives you a clue as to why you have so much of this type of clutter?

  • Invest in a Professional Organiser and Life Coach (Hello!) to help you gain clarity, insight and make a plan to tackle any behaviours and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

16. Seasonal clutter

A great example of seasonal clutter is the Christmas clutter of trees, decorations, gift wrap, food and drink. Although it doesn’t last for long, and it’s lovely whilst it does, festive clutter certainly takes up a lot of space! Think about ways you can reduce seasonal clutter if you’d like or just enjoy it for the short time it’s there.

The Solution...

Every beginning and end of festive seasons go through and:

  • Declutter anything that is broken && ensure it is recycled responsibly

  • Donate anything you don't love, use or need anymore

17. Abundance clutter

Abundance clutter is simply anything you have an abundance of. Maybe it's candles, maybe you own more shoes than you can actually wear. Or maybe you have a thing about collecting gadgets. Abundance clutter is having too much of something... the point being that you have so much of it that you'll likely never get around to using it all.

The Solution

It's time to invest in a Professional Organiser and Coach who can help you to navigate the beliefs and behaviours that drove you to accumulate your abundance clutter, so that you can start working on clearing it.

18. Childrens Clutter

So, you've decluttered your home, but your stuck on your kids room. First of all, I need to state very clearly: DO NOT GET RID OF ANY OF YOUR CHILDS BELONGINGS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT IF THEY'RE OLD ENOUGH TO CHOOSE.

WHY?- I've worked with many individuals with Hoarding Tendencies and that sense of lack & scarcity... the lack of control around material possessions linger. So, please, please- do not put your child through this because you have no idea what the long-term repercussions of this may be.

The Solution...

If you're stuck as to how to get started on decluttering with kids then you are not alone. For starters, check out my article on Decluttering With Kids, which is essentially the ultimate beginners guide to my one and only (TRADEMARKED!!!) method to get you started.

Then- book your free consultation with me to learn the rest. I can't wait to teach you and your family how to have a healthy, mindful relationship with your belongings; one that gives you more time and space to spend on the things you truly prioritise in your life.

Curious about all the benefits of decluttering? Click here!

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Sending you so much love!


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