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5 Mindset Changes That Will Declutter Your Mind & Change Your Life Instantly!

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I'm a growth fiend who is such a fan of resolutions that I make them all year round. And I often But I didn't always & I earned some seriously good jewels by learning the hard way.

In this post, I'll be sharing my TOP 5 TIPS. Learn to master all five & I can assure you, you will be well-on-your-way to slaying your resolutions this year & every other year that follows - no matter when you decide to start, or restart them...

Tip number 1: C U L T I V A T E Warm up your discipline all-year-round & sharpen your awareness by mastering the art of building new habits. Start slow. Start small. One at a time. Set aside time each day to stick to it. I started my morning practise ritual in 2016 as a way to find some quality me-time hello after becoming a mum. Bc... "hello! I'm an ambivert"...

BUT - daily practises are a radical act of love & self-care that can benefit anybody & everybody! Daily practises (whatever time of the day you choose to do them) build discipline. Bc here's the tea - discipline, like many other things is not just something you were born with, or learned from your parents... it is something that can be learned & cultivated. Yes, really! I always recommend my clients to find something something new that interests them to practise... trying something new & finding ways to explore it deeper will challenge you to stay aware - & it is with awareness that anything becomes possible! Some of my favourite morning practises include journaling, breathwork, visualisation, TM & yoga.

Tip number 2: F I G H T R E S I S T A N C E

Everyone gets it. I promise... just hang in there through the discomfort & KEEP FUCKING GOING! Moving through discomfort helps to build your RESILIENCE, which is an essential skill for survival.

Stop wishing for tomorrow to come quicker so you can be happier, or for the lessons of yesterday to stop knocking on the walls of your mind - build your resilience. Stay rooted despite it all & don't give up when the pressure causes you discomfort, that's how the diamonds made!

Tip number 3: P R I O R I T I S E Many of us fail bc we overload ourselves with commitments when time planning is key Take inventory of how many commitments you have. Plan your time. And cut out of your schedule whatever doesn't fit your priorities, or new goal.

Tip number 4: J U S T S A Y N O ! ! ! We have to get comfortable saying 'no' to what we don't want, in order to say 'yes' to the things that we do...

..And FUCK WHAT YOU HEARDDD; Quitting is for winners, baby!

And last, by by-no-means least, my biggest tip of all...

Tip number 5: C H A N G E Y O U R E N V I R O N M E N T

When we change our environment to align with who we really are & who we want to be, we create a supportive platform to reach our goals & truly thrive! Because winning means getting our needs met. Growth also requires rest. And working smart requires the balance of a sanctuary space that nurtures creativity & replenishes the soul.

Get in touch with me today for your free consultation to discover ways I can help you to breakthrough the chaos & become your best self yet in 2022!

L O V E,


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