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5 of the BEST Eco Friendly Cleaning Hacks

As a Home Services Expert, I'm Always Looking For the BEST Hacks to Use in My Work AND in My Home: Here Are Five of My Favourites

Cleaning is like Marmite. It leaves many people divided. Some love it and happily spend their limited free time cleaning their own homes, while others loathe it and pay others to do it for them. Either way, there is no right, or wrong answer.

Cleaning is one of my happy places. It's my 'me time'. I get to listen to that podcast I downloaded, or escape into my favourite music, or even an audiobook while I bring some calm, order and sparkle to the environment around me. But it doesn't have the same effect on everybody - and that's okay. We are all different and that's what makes the world a beautiful place to be in.

Something that is consistent however, is the effects that these hacks below have on your home and lifestyle. Plus, they're better for your budget and the environment. What's not to like about that? So, without further a-do...

1. Use peppermint to deter rats. Yes, really. Rats are highly offended by the smell of peppermint. Give any entry points a large dousing of peppermint to ward them off. Plus, it'll cost a fraction of the price of a heavy chemically induced solution!

2. Fed up of cats leaving mess in your garden? Try using citrus plants around what you want to protect. Felines loathe the heavy scent of citrus! Placing zesty peel and cutting up lemons and lime wedges to scatter over the soil is a trick that many swear by! Something else to put in your garden that deters them - Lavender!

3. Remove limescale naturally from toilet bowls, taps and heavy duty surfaces by using just a little bit of pocket change...

..Yes, a 2-pence-piece. Wet a 2 pence piece and rub it against the limescale, as if to ship it away and watch as it just scrapes off. No need for nasty, heavy chemicals at all!

4. Get rid of fruit flies using this easy peasy solution that is both eco and pocket friendly:

mix one part washing up liquid with one part water and one part cider vinegar, place it in a small ramekin on the counter top where you want to deter them from and marvel at the end of the day at how many fruit flies fell prey to the goopy solution.

Disclaimer: I do not usually condone harm against ANY living thing, but sometimes there really is no other feasible option!

5. Clean your oven using just a few ingredients from your kitchen cupboards. Warm up your oven first. Then, sprinkle baking soda all over the oven, including the trays/racks you wish to clean then spray it with a solution made up of one 3:1 water to white vinegar solution. The baking soda will bubble. Leave to sit for 15 minutes, then wipe it all down when the oven has cooled.

So, that's it for now...

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Wishing you & yours a wonderful week ahead!


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