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4 Types of Clutter & How to Get Rid of it For Good: Part 1

Clutter is like nipples. Yes, I just said that... know why? Because we all have it! Clutter, however is not something that brings any sense of function of satisfaction to our lives... so, how do we stop it from coming in, in the first place? With a commitment to self-awareness and me by your side, you're about to learn about all the different types of clutter and how to get rid of them from your life for good.

Ready? Let's go...

1. Physical clutter

This pertains to the physical clutter in your home. From too much cutlery, an abundance of clothes that one never wears, too many toys, to too many extra sets of towels and bedlinen. Without a strategy in place, this type of clutter can get out of hand very quickly.


..The Magic Number Rule: decide on a number for each product within your home. Say, you're deciding how many glasses to have in your home. Calculate, how many of you live in your home, plus, leave a couple extra for when some are being washed, plus the maximum number of guests that you have over on a regular basis... and voila- this is your magic number for glasses. Use this rule all around your home and watch how quickly your donate/recycle bags fill up!

2. Time clutter

This type of clutter is clutter in your schedule. perhaps you're over-loading yourself with things to do. Putting too many tasks on your to do list, too many activities in your diary, saying yes to too many events. Perhaps you don't get enough time to yourself. Enough time with your family, enough time to look after your body.


..Time Blocking: Did you know that there 168 hours in one week? That's right... 168! But Time Blocking is not just about counting the hours, it's making sure every minute of your day counts. And just a little pro tip- in order to be successful with sticking to your plans, it is absolutely imperative that you schedule in time to rest, play and attend to your private life. Sure, one may be able to do without it for a short while... but it's not sustainable to put yourself last. Say no to more, so you can do more.

3. Digital clutter

This type of clutter is clutter on your computer, phone, smartwatch... from all the technology coming at ya in every way, shape, or form. It could be too many emails in your inbox- when was the last time you subscribed before deleting that email from that company that you just wished would go away?

How much time do you spend on Social Media? If you're complaining that you don't have time for the things you want in your life, but you use social media more than once a day and check your emails incessantly, it's time to take a step back and assess your digital clutter... more so: the way you are managing your digital clutter.


..Digital Detoxing: sure, it's hard at first, but once you get used to it, the endless benefits will literally transform your life for the better. Read my Expert guide here on how to get started. I'm so excited for you to experience this!

4. Mental clutter

This is clutter that is taking up valuable space in your mind. It could be negative thoughts, anxiety, doubt and limiting beliefs. Maybe you are just so overloaded that you can't pinpoint exactly what it is, you just know that you feel overloaded, overwhelmed and confused. First of all, I want to assure you that you're not alone and that many people feel this way from time, to time; and that with the right support and strategies, things can improve significantly.


..Life Coaching: Life Coaches specialise in providing their clients insights to find solutions to their problems, plus valuable reframing with which to be able to view these in a more manageable way. We offer tools, techniques and cheer you on... we facilitate your own bad-ass ability to self-heal.

Stay tuned for Part 2, coming your way very soon!

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