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5 Ways to Cut Down Cleaning Time in Your Home

Whether You Want to Cut Down the Time You Spending Cleaning Your Home, Save Money on Cleaning, or Both! - We've Got You!

Cleaning is a lot like Marmite. Some people love it and some people loath it. Either way, the majority are happy to find a way to reduce the amount of time spent on it, after all - time is a commodity. Something we cannot earn, buy, or even get a refund on. We can only spend it. So, how will you choose to spend your free time? What takes priority in your life? Are you meeting all of your priorities with ease? Or do you need to find a way to create more time and space in your schedule to tend to the things you love most?

Below are my top 5 tips for cutting your cleaning time down significantly.

1. Swap any venetian blinds for Roman, or roller blinds

Bonus Tip: Invest in some thermal blackout blinds and save yourself money on your energy bills too!

2. Declutter those books you don't read anymore

Bonus Tip: offer them to somebody who may enjoy them, donate, or even recycle them at your local recycling centre

3. Swap those fake plants for real plants

Bonus Tip: Yes, real plant get dusty too, but not half as much as a fake plant. Plus, there a remedy for real plants that just doesn't work on fake plants... rub dusty leaves with a banana skin to clear the dust and make them shine. Plus - this gives the plant vital nutrients it needs in order to thrive!

4. Less ornaments, more space!

Here's why: Clutter doesn't just take up space within your home and your head, it costs you more time and money when it comes to cleaning too... Because the more we have, the more dusting needs to be done!

5. Invest in floor to ceiling storage and shelving units

Here's why: Notice how the tops of cupboards get particularly grimey and need deep cleaning every now and then? Yup... that's why!

Have you tried any of the above? Are you going to try any of the above? If you're looking for more tips on home organisation try here. For decluttering it's here.

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Wishing you a blessed week ahead!


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