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8 Daily Habits to Improve Mental Health & Increase Productivity

When I became a single-mum my life got harder in so many ways. But because of that, it forced me to become stronger. To have stronger boundaries. To manage my time better. To be more intentional with my time. And to improve my own self-care so that I could show up better for my daughter. There are some habits I came across, habits that I still practise today that completely transformed my life for the better

Now, I can't wait to share them with you, so that you can improve your life too! Ready? Okay, 3, 2, 1... let's go!

1. Wake up early: my life began to improve dramatically when I quit snoozing my alarm and stopped confusing my body with a circadian rhythm that was all over the place. Honestly, having an irregular sleep pattern can cause so many problems and limit our ability to handle stress efficiently... read this article here to explore this more.

2. Don't look at your phone first thing in the morning: It's not good for you. Your body craves a stretch, to be hydrated, to see the sun. Remember that your body has been still and without fluid for hours... nourish it and it will thank you back in ways that make you feel better. One way to become more in tune with your body is to get in the habit of listening to it every morning when you wake up. Find out what it needs and give it to it.

3. Exercise everyday: what are you feeling in the mood for? Feeling stiff, or in need of more calm? Why not try some gentle yoga. Feeling lethargic and in need of an energy boost? Try HIIT. Listen to your body, learn to deliver it what it wants. Build new connections through exercise, challenge yourself and most of all- have fun!

4. Get in the habit of getting the (MIDT) most important daily task out of the way first thing: For me, this is currently reducing my morning workout to ten minutes in order to fit in editing my first fiction novel... I wrote it during the lockdowns and I'm just dying to get it published. However, as much as I really want this highly valued piece of work to real-life happen (I've wanted to write a book my whole life - I'm still a little in disbelief that actually I did it!) I literally would not make it through the editing process without getting it out of the way first thing in the morning. Writing in free-flow=fun for me. Editing and scrutinising.... I don't enjoy that so much.

I also save parts of my work that I find less joyful for mornings... such as financial stuff. Ewww... I can't stand number crunching. But somebodies gotta do it, right? What are your hardest daily tasks? How could you shuffle your morning routine to fit it in?

5. Time block: For every time you or anybody around you says: "I don't have the time"- try and prove whether that statement is true with some time-blocking. I've called myself out on my own bullshit here multiple times. Try it!- You'll be amazed at how much time you actually do have!

6. Drink lots of water: yes really. Dehydration causes brain fog, lethargy and literally all the things that make leading a productive existence that little bit extra challenging. Plus, you'll have better skin... trust me! Water is your friend!

7. Get some sunlight and fresh air: your body needs it. So does your mind. We are all a part of nature. Full stop.

8. Get creative: do something creative everyday. Whether it's coming up with an idea for something fun to do at the weekend, painting, or writing something... building creativity is like a gift that keeps on giving when we begin to nurture it. Our creativity is sacred. It's what makes humans so dynamic as a specie... Our consciousness and the ability to create!

Look at the world we have created around us! For better, or for worse... it's all down to mans ability to create. And don't even for a second think that you aren't capable of creating something meaningful and amazing- because: everybody is!

Try these out and let me know how you get on. I know your life is going to get better the moment you put these habits in motion. Having trouble building new habits and don't know why? Book your free discovery call with me today... I look forward to helping you move forward and boss-up your life in ways you haven't even yet imagined!

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Sending you so much love!

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