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8 Types of Clutter & How to Live Clutter-free: part 2

If you missed the first part, never fear, you can find them in one click via the link below:

Right, you know how much I respect you and your time, so let's just jump right in!

9. Financial clutter

This type of clutter is any debts you may have. Any money that you are failing to manage properly. Perhaps you have too many accounts and you can't keep on top of them all. maybe you have so many store cards you don't even know what you have and what uou don't anymore. Unable to stay on top of, or account for all these payments results in confusions & too many unwanted subscriptions coming out of your bank account. This is money and financial clutter by definition.

The great news is, there is steps you can take right now to simplify your finances...


· Work out monthly income & expenditure

· Create a budget for all expenses and stick to it!

· Account for any debts you may have & schedule realistic direct debits that will enable you to pay them off

10. Recycling clutter

This one may seem like a no-brainer to some of you, but honestly- I see this one all the time. It's also one of the easiest forms of clutter to stay on top of...


Take your rubbish out.

11. Aspirational clutter

Aspirational clutter, is clutter that starts out as an idea of something. Let's set the scene:

you work in accounts and you like to go running in your little spare time. Your life is really, really busy, but every now and then, you kinda have this dream about becoming an artist. Maybe t one stage you feel into a fascination with watercolours. You bought an entire set, but they just sit in a cupboard gathering dust because you just don't prioritise the time for them. May, you've bought online courses that you've never started, or maybe... like me- your aspirational clutter is hiding in your wardrobe.

See, in my aspirational life, I walk around with dog tooth pencil skirts, little trophy jackets, sexy high heels and accessories to perfectly match every outfit; but I have to be honest with you- I don't look like that. My daily wear is either work wear, leisure wear or casual, semi-glam-ish casual wear.


My solution for anybody dealing with aspirational clutter is this- you have to begin the work on accepting and embracing your life for what it is. Accepting what you can change and also what you can't. I have a workbook called: Creating the Wardrobe that Fits Your Life for babes like me, who struggle with the aspirational clutter within the wardrobe. For other types of aspirational clutter, i can help you with that through Life Coaching.

12. Expensive clutter

The more something costs, the harder individuals usually find it to part with these items. Paying a high price for something can result in pride upon buying it, but evoke feelins of guilt and maybe even shame when it comes to getting rid of it.


It's important to practise self compassion and enquiry in this situation. A Professional Organiser, who is also trained as a Life Coach can help you to do this through uncovering why you feel this way and work with you to teach you tools in learning to let go.

13. Freebie clutter

Just because you got it free doesn't mean you have to accept it. It's important to stand by what works for us. For the sake of a moment of awkwardness at the very worst, we can save ourselves from inviting things into our home that take up space without us wanting them there. This creates tension, stress and unnecessary clutter. And you deserve more than that.


Saying no doesn't have to be awkward. When declining to accept something free, why not start with gratitude to disrupt any tension that tries to bubble to the surface, a gentle: Thank you so much for thinking of me, I really appreciate it, but I don't need, want one of those. But I'm sure if you donated it to "insert charity shop" then somebody who really needs that item will come along and it will really make their day! This will make the person offering the item know what to do with it next and leave the conversation feeling good.

And if you struggle with seeking out and taking on free items, I can help you with that by exploring the beliefs that motivate this behaviour and teaching you the tools to help you challenge and dismantle them.

For more pro tips on home organisation, click here. Or to explore the host of benefits decluttering has for you, it's here.

Reach out for your free Consultation today. I can't wait to show you all my tools and tricks with which to bring you more clarity, claim back valuable time and embrace more calm.

Oooh, and want a freebie? Of course you do! Click here for my free downloadable to get started on your Decluttering journey right now

I'm rooting for you my friend!

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Sending you so much love!


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