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Easy Eco-Friendly Recipe to Deep Clean Your Mattress

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

With so many products on the market for cleaning today, it's hard to know which is best. But besides the fact that so many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are detrimental to your health (and the health of your pets) did you know that some of the best cleaning ingredients can also be found on your food shop for a fraction of the price? Chances are, you've even got most of these staples in your kitchen cupboards already!

So, without further a-do, let me bring forth to you Prim & Proper Homes favourite deep clean recipe for mattresses. It's eco-friendly. Easy to do & takes minutes to mix. It will leave you & your mattress rejuvenated & revitalised. After all... is there anything better than hopping into bed after a long day with a freshly clean bed to melt into? I know I always sleep better!

Here are your 5 easy steps to a better nights sleep... Enjoy!

1. Strip the bed

2. Fill a spray bottle with one cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 tbsps. Bicarbonate of Soda + 4-5 drops of your favourite essential oil blend (I love Lavender & Cedarwood for my mattress).

3. Spray it all over your bed

4. Leave it to sit for at least one hour

5. Enjoy your newly refreshed, stain free mattress!

Warning: This recipe is not suitable for memory foam mattresses!

If you try it & love it , let me know. Don't forget to subscribe for more tips tricks & Pro hacks direct to your inbox every week!

With L O V E ,


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