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Five of my favourite EVER money saving tips!

There's no denying we live in stressful times at the moment. Ever since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, it's like the earth slipped off of its axis & has been struggling to get back on ever since. But during times of crisis, it doesn't benefit us to focus on what we can't control. It's important to maintain focus on all the things we can...

.. I learned this again 5 years ago, when I went from being a working class professional with high ambition and prospects, to a single parent applying for benefits practically overnight. To say things were rough is an understatement. I felt like my life wasn't my own that year. I had everything meticulously planned out, but then, an avalanche of unfortunate events happened and I was reminded that my life isn't completely my own...

  • First, I was involved in a car crash where I was literally seconds away from death

  • Then my cat got mauled by a dog and almost died too

  • It cost me my savings and -then-some to get a new car and pay the all the vet bills off

  • Then I discovered some pretty horrific things about my relationship...

  • .. Just as I discovered I was pregnant, alone, in a Tesco's toilet. Yeah - its not very glamorous, but I'm not here to sugar-coat the brutality of my 2016 to you

It didn't end there... things got even worse:

My mum died. Then, after working with them for three years, my employer refused to pay my maternity pay and when I contested it, I got my P60 in the post without so much as another word. So yeah, unfair dismissal too. I could have taken it further. I spoke to UCAS who advised me that pursuing it via a small claims court was the only way I could get justice, but, I wasn't the only one going after them. They already owed thousands to colleagues of mine who had taken them to court over other mishaps and they hadn't even received the money they were owed. Plus, I was in debt after all these hits I just hadn't seen coming... and now:

I had a baby on the way! I simply could not afford to chase it. Financially, emotionally and spiritually... I couldn't afford it. I was so tired from all the stress. I'd been fighting all my life, but now: I had very little energy for things that stressed me out.

Sitting alone, in a new house that I couldn't even afford to pay for... I made a decision. I decided that no matter what was happening around me, I had to put my wellbeing first. For the health of myself and my baby.

I focused on what I could control. I maintained a sense of calm and peace. I knew that despite all the turbulence around me, I have a eutopia inside of me that nobody, or no thing can touch, or take away from me without my permission.

Over, the course of the next few posts, I'm going to share with you some more (if you missed the first part it's here) money saving tips, before swiftly moving onto Wellbeing Practises That Changed My Life For the Better.

Okay, Money Saving Tips Part 2... Here we go:

1. Invest in thermal curtains and/or blinds

This can create a warm and cosy ambience in your home as-well-as reducing energy costs. Curtains and blinds don't have to cost the Earth. I recently bought some beautiful thermal curtains that look much more expensive than they were from the Asda George sale online. Plus, I got thermal blackout blinds from there and Argos too to kit my entire flat out, all for less than £100!

2. Invest in fleece and teddy duvet sets

Have you ever tried a fleece teddy set? It's a total game-changer! Not only does it keep you toasty without having to use the heating overnight, it just makes you feel so cosy. It literally is like being hugged by a giant teddy. And who doesn't want that feeling when falling into bed after a long day?

3. Make onesies are your new favourite loungewear

Fleece onesies are a great way to stay warm. There are some adorable character ones for sale, plus- they're a total hit with kids too! What animal do you like? Or are you more of a sparkly unicorn type?

4. Use candlelight in the evenings

Bulk buy some candles on sale now to stay lit in the evenings. I can guarantee you that the small amount you invest in swapping lamps for candlelight in the evenings throughout autumn/winter will pay off tenfold... plus, whether you're solo like me, or you have a lover in the evenings to cosy up to - candlelight is way more soothing, relaxing and so romanti

5. Schedule blocks of time where you don't use any energy

After dinner I have a "no TV" rule during the week. We play boardgames, connect and read books instead. Not only will this reduce your energy bills, but it will improve your relationships within your household and ensure you get a better nights sleep.

Yes... all those screens are entertaining but they are not good for sleep. I've also found that when we do get to the wkend, we enjoy the tv time that much more because we're been looking forward to catching up on our favourite shows properly throughout the wk. Go one step further by: downloading everything you need to your phone then turning the wifi off for the night too.

I hope you find these tips useful. What are some of your favourite money saving tips?

Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe, I have part 3, plus my favourite wellbeing tips coming your way very soon.

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Stay healthy, stay safe and stay blessed!

Much L O V E,


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