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Fun Activities to do in Autumn With Kids: Part 1

Autumn is a perfect time for crafts. A time to go and collect nature treasures from natures loose parts and teach your kids about autumn.

I saw a meme of Autumn leaves recently that said: "the trees are about to show us how good it is to let go" and I really felt that. It's never too early to teach our children about the importance of letting go of things that are no longer good for us. After all, they're naturally good at it anyway!

My 5 year-old and I love to find leaves, pine cones, conkers... We go out foraging with a little bag and collect an assortment of treasure. This is a such a great and inexpensive day out exploring nature. It's a chance to really get mindful and explore the colours and sounds of nature too. Me and my girl love to make the leaves crunch beneath our feet and collect an assortment of colours to take home and make beautiful art prints with for cards.

Not sure where to go?

I've got you my friend...

The National Trust are offering free visits to parks within the UK. Check out this incredible offer here and start planning your trip to a new park for you and your family.

Craft Ideas

Here are some ideas of crafts you can do with your treasures once your home. Enjoy these with autumn scents wafting through the house, a Halloween playlist on, or even just in silence, taking the time to explore whatever conversation naturally pops up. Crafting is such a beautiful, mindful practise and such a sweet opportunity to bond with our loved ones.

Leaf Printing

One thing we love to do with fallen leaves during autumn is printing! This is a perfect budget friendly activity for all. You can do this with card, paint or crayons and some leaves. Here are a few ways in which you can print the leaves into beautiful art:

1. Paint the leaf (skeleton side) and stamp on paper or card.

2. Place leaf on paper and use watercolours to paint around the leaf.

3. Place leaf under (skeleton side up) paper and use wax crayons to rub over the leaf gently.

4. Using fabric, a stone or hammer you can print the leaf onto fabric.

5. Pop the leaves under foil then paint on the foil and see the patterns magically appear.  

Autumn is such a magical time of year, so get your waterproofs packed and head out. Let the sun kiss your face and basque in all the beautiful colours that surround you.

I hope you have a wonderful day out, foraging and making art with your loved ones. I'd love to know: what new park are you going to visit? And what method will you use to make art with your leaves?

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Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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