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How to Find A Job You Love & Connect to Your Purpose


.. We are born to work & pay bills & DIE 🤍

I've always struggled in jobs where I don't feel like I'm living... Isn't living the whole part of LIFE? 🤍

All too often, I see people hypnotised by shiny titles & bigger numbers, lulled into a state where they RISE only to work & collapse into bed exhausted with not much left to give themselves or their families 🤍

All too often I meet people who have burned out from climbing the corporate ladder & are battling depression bc they feel they've wasted decades of their lives living this way... And they've "only just" woke up 🤍

All too often, we pick a job FIRST. We think it will bring us lasting happiness & the bigger title, the bigger bank balance, the better car, the more luxurious holidays... For little snapshot moments in time, it DOES 🤍

But happiness doesn't last, it teeters into sadness (bc that is the law of nature) 🤍

The bank balance that grows doesn't feel any bigger as we buy MORE EXPENSIVE things & feel trapped in a life that we quickly become accustomed TO 🤍

And the joy may pierce the skin from time to time but it never penetrates the SOUL 🤍

So, before you go off into the world, or before you change career, say yes to more responsibility at WORK. Before you decide to change your home LIFE & extend your family, instead of asking yourself what TITLE would I like? Ask yourself what LIFESTYLE am I content WITH? 🤍

Contentment invites us to be in the moment, to appreciate everything no matter how big or SMALL 🤍

Before you ask yourself what car you'd like to drive or where you'd like to go on holiday... Ask yourself HOW LONG would you ideally like to COMMUTE to work each day? 🤍

What job MARRIES with your highest VALUES? 🤍

What job allows you to do the things you LOVE to do without killing the love for what you do? (I once wrote for somebody else & I hated it!) 🤍

Ask yourself what you would like to ACCOMPLISH from your holiday... Is it adventure? Is it culture? Is it a total relaxation at an all inclusive resort with a water park & entertainment for the kids? 🤍

Almost anyone can become a CEO, an Entrepreneur, or climb their way to the top of the corporate ladder but at what COST? 🤍

Everyone gets to experience happiness, but not everyone gets to experience a sense of balance in their life that brings joy to their SOUL & contentment in their HOME... And that, is what life, what living is truly all ABOUT 🤍

Thanks for being here.


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