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How to manage time effectively: 42 ways to get more productive now!

When it comes to changing our lives, the answer is in changing our daily habits.

Since becoming a single mum and Entrepreneur I've tried so many different ways to find extra pockets of time daily while maximising my productivity. I need & deserve a good work/life balance - & so do you.

Below I have listed 42 of my favourite tried & tested hacks that really will save you time & make your daily grind more productive.

1. Go non-iron

From your clothes, to your bedding, going non-iron saves a considerable amount of time. Invest in non-iron, beautiful ruched duvet sets- you won't be disappointed, I promise!

2. Meal plan

Read my ultimate meal-planning guide here.

3. Make one-pot/one tray bake meals

Having delicious nutritious food and spending time with your family in the evenings shouldn't be something that you have to choose between. You deserve both.

4. Cook in bulk

5. Prep your meals for the week

Schedule this in on the same day every week. If you live alone put on your favourite music, check out a new podcast, or listen to an audiobook. Or, if you live with family, turn it into a fun, bonding activity that you can do together.

6. Group friends together for catch-ups

7. Buy that perfect present for so-and-so when you see it

Just make sure you organise a space in your home for gifts, so that you don't forget what you have!

8. Avoid rush hour wherever possible

9. Get up earlier

Getting up earlier is a great way to be more productive. As long as you use the time wisely!

10. Create a morning routine

What puts you in a good mood? Do you love to practise yoga? Maybe you love your make-up... whatever makes you feel good, invest time every morning in doing it to set yourself up for the day.

11. Declutter

Read the benefits of decluttering here and when you're ready to jump in, check out my FREE pro tips in this post right here

12. Limit TV

13. Plan your days

14. Organise your home

If it's Pro Organiser secrets you're after click here

For wardrobe organisation click here

And when you're ready to systemise your kitchen you read this Professional guide right here.

15. Decorate your home to reflect the intended mood for each room

Make your bedroom a place of calm, where you can sleep well and re-charge. For the office, try stimulating colours & artwork that inspires you.

16. Use smart kitchen tools

Smart gadgets like slow cookers & soup makers save time.

17. Use a cleaning schedule

18. Open your post when it comes through the door & create a filing system for any keep/outstanding

Never get behind with life admin again! If you're particularly busy with appointments, then create a "to-do" file to leave on your counter where it's more accessible and schedule a day to look through it and complete anything outstanding each wk.

19.Limit the amount of times you check your emails

20. Use an app timer

We've all done it... logged onto Insta just for '5 minutes' that have easily turned into an hour. App timers are THE perfect solution for this - as long as you stick to them!

21. Take digital detoxes

I conducted a live experiment for my dissertation at university on this subject & found digital detoxes to increase productivity, lower feelings of anxiety & depression & maximise productivity. Suffice to say, digital detoxing is something I do regularly.

22. Get enough sleep & honour your Circadian rhythm

Not getting enough sleep has been scientifically proven to interfere with mood & metabolic rate, read more about this fascinating subject here. It's also thought to be a cause of the chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia.

23. Exercise at home

I exercise daily at home. The truth is, there are so many online options these days that it isn't necessary to leave home anymore & if you're a mum of small ones who works full time like me, it's much easer to fit into your morning routine.

24. Exercise daily

20-30 minutes daily is more effective than a few hourly classes per week. Trust me... I know.

25. Listen to a book whilst completing another activity

God bless the invention of audiobooks... life-changing!

26. Shop online

All that time you spend getting there, browsing, not to mention making impulse buys... it all adds up. Online shopping makes life so much easier, just allocate a time for it each week so that you're not tempted to overindulge!

27. Spend 15-20 minutes cleaning down surfaces & staying on top of laundry every day.

As-well-as decluttering & organising, this is the 3rd secret to my triad of keeping on top of my home. Easily.

28. Use waiting time while out to complete outstanding tasks

Unsubscribe to those annoying emails while you're waiting in a queue. Make that payment. Finish that online shopping. Use that time effectively and you'll be surprised at how fast the queue moves when you're busy too!

29. Delegate

How many things on your to-do list could you not be doing? Perhaps somebody can help you? Perhaps you can turn some tasks into team building activities and get them completed quicker and bond with your loved ones at the same time?

30. Create an evening routine

Creating an evening routine can help you to spend your time effectively. Often when we have no plan for how we spend our time, we find we end up procrastinating, or fall into bad habits. If your executive function crashes by the evening (I feel you- mine does too!) then try scheduling some relaxing self-care to get you ready for rest.

31. Keep your schedule simple

Be realistic about what you can complete in a day. Don't set yourself up to fail.

32. Get your clothes out the night before

If you're anything like me in the morning, you need to save every minute you can get! The funniest part is I get up pretty early, but I'm still flapping about and cramming everything in at the last minute... it's because I'm time blind.

33. Use a timer

This can be effective in two ways for Adhders -

1) To help bring you out of Hyperfocus &

2) To get a clear indication of how long a task actually takes.

34. Analyse your daily habits & ask yourself - 'what's working? And what isn't?'

We are constantly changing and so is our lifestyle. Often, these changes happen in small, incremental shifts, but they do make a difference to our everyday. Reflecting on what we have in our schedule and prioritising is important to stay intentional as to how you are choosing to spend your time. Also, to ensuring nothing important gets missed.

35. Make every outing count

Popping to town, but also have a parcel you need to send back - take it with you. For a FREE bonus tip, keep a bag by your front door, ready for tasks you need to complete when you go out next, then just simply grab the bag & take it with you. DONE!

36. Stick to a colour scheme for your clothes

Creating a colour schemed 'capsule wardrobe' is a great solution for anybody wanting to save time & money. read this interesting blog post here to learn more.

37. Delete social media apps regularly

Social media has changed the way we think & affected the amount of information our brains can handle in one go. Taking regular breaks & training the brain to focus for longer periods of time is really effective if you want to increase productivity.

38. Multi task

39. Don't over task

Tempting... I know, but it's a bad habit that will lead to you accomplishing less than you set out to do. And may even make you feel bad for not completing everything. Don't set yourself up for failure my friend.

40. Minimise distractions

What visual clutter can you tame? What noises can you manage? Take note of what distracts you everyday for two weeks and read over it to learn your problem areas.

41. Stack tasks together

Be mindful as you move around your home completing tasks... going into the kitchen to put some toast on, but know you need to look at the diary to schedule that app? Pop your toast in & pick the diary up while you're there. This saves time & energy moving back & forth unnecessarily. It all adds up!

42. Allocate some much needed time for rest time

Rest is so important for you to maintain focus, stay feeling good & stay on task.

So, that's it for today. Let me know which ones work for you. Have you tried some of the ones I've listed already? And what are your own favourite hacks for maximising productivity & saving time daily?

Thirsty for more? Download your free Decluttering guide. Follow us on social media for pro hacks and join our challenges on Instagram and Facebook.

Wishing you the best week ahead my friend!


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