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How to Organize Your Home: 10 steps to invite more calm & save time & money everyday

Is there anything quite like chilling in your own home when it's clean & tidy? Relaxing in a cluttered home is just not the same. For starters there is the higher levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone) within the body that makes it really hard to wind down

But also, that nagging feeling that the home isn't clean, that there are things to be done... it just provokes another uncomfortable feeling within us... that uncomfortable, gut wrenching, sense of guilt.

We begin to feel guilty that we haven't wiped clean our to-do list. It can lead us to feel inadequate. A failure... and so the carousel of emotion can so easily spin off in the wrong direction....

One thing I've noticed recently when talking to my regular clients, is that there is still a lot of stigma around getting someone in to help you with the housework.

Like, we should be able to do it all ourselves... but I'm here to tell you today that that belief is limiting you & it is not helpful.

You deserve credit for what you do. Because... todays world we are busier than ever!

This is not 1950 where the women stayed at home to solely look after the homes. Yet, sadly, according to studies throughout the pandemic, the majority of work within the home still primarily falls upon the shoulders of women.

During the lockdowns it was women who had to leave work to home-school the children.

It was women whose livelihoods suffered.

And it is still women are expected to take the lead when it comes to looking after the homes.

Women who:

  • Are busy looking after young kids (trust me - that's a full time job on its own!) Or

  • Are busy working

  • Trying to maintain a social life

  • Keep the spark alive in their romantic relationships

  • Touch base with the family regularly

  • Exercise & Look after their physical health

  • Stay on top of their emails, letters & appointments

  • Text people back

  • Reach for new goals

  • Smash new goals

  • Look after their own mental health as-well-as be there for others

& somewhere amongst all of this we are expected to fit in:

  • The shopping

  • Cleaning

  • Tidying

  • Washing

  • Laundry

  • Ironing

  • Folding

  • Put it all away

  • Make dinner

  • Wash the dishes

  • More cleaning

  • Another food shop

  • Make the lunches....

  • & it goes on & on & on...

You know how I know? Because I am one of those women.

Doing it all on my own, with a little one solely in my care 5 days + 5 nights every week (sometimes 7! - because as the woman, it is assumed to be my sole responsibility!)

I have a business to run. Fitness goals to smash. A dating life to tend to. A shrinking social life that I constantly have to poke like a kindle to stop it from burning out. I have my own personal goals - a book I'm putting together. And a highly sensitive body & mind to look after.

And guess what? I'm on top of it babe, but only because I take the time to declutter & organise my home, mind & life regularly. And this means that I have to be consistent. I have to set really tough boundaries. And I have to be super-intentional with my time.

When I reached 32 & became a single mum & everyone basically told me that this was it for me now, so just accept it. I decided to do what I love to do & rebel against those limiting beliefs...

.. because quite frankly - I don't want them. I have no time, no space & no energy for anything in this life that wants to take me down.

The only thing that can take me down is me.

I believe that we can still thrive NO MATTER WHAT. I believe that even though we cannot control what comes at us in life, we can always choose how we respond. That is always in our power.

And the thing that makes me SO passionate about Home Organising & Decluttering is that it not only makes you feel good... it frees up valuable time.

It makes the daily grind simpler.

It makes the daily rhythm smoother.

And it makes the home look & feel lighter.

It creates more mental clarity.... which means there is more room to dream.

More space for inspiration.

And when we create space within our minds, we open ourselves up to creativity.

To amazing ideas.

To ease.

And to relaxation.

To the important fundamentals of mindful practise.

A healthy home= a healthier mind & body. Because all three are intrinsically linked.

It's not just about the body & mind.... it's a home/body/mind connection.

The magic number 3.

Okay... let's get down to this right now. Because I want you to experience just how empowering an organised home can be. How it can completely elevate & transform your productivity, relationships & wellbeing.

So, here it is... 10 Professional Organising Secrets to Help You Organise Your Home Like A Pro!

1. Declutter before buying storage solutions

Babe, I know how tempting it is when you see all those pretty pics on Instagram & Pinterest of beautiful organisation systems to go out & buy similar designs to copy it. But please... DON'T! The number one most important thing to do before buying any storage solutions is to Declutter. This is because you need to know EXACTLY what you're going to keep & how big a container you need for each category first.

2. Put A Label On It

In other areas of life, I'm not a big fan of labels, but when it comes to organisation, this is the staple of my own personal kit. Something that gets used very frequently. I use a Dymo Letratag which gives you the option of various colours, borders, & fabrics, from plastic labels, to paper & even iron-on ones - which was the decider for me. If you love a fancy font, then this one is probably not for you. But you can find some gorgeous designs on Etsy.

3. Use Digital Storage

In our age, paper clutter is not even really necessary most of the time. And there is an app for virtually everything now. Turn the paper into digital by storing pictures & scans of important documents into Google Drive, or Evernote.

4. Make A Plan to Create the Space You Need & Stick To It!

Organised chaos is still chaos. I cannot stress this enough - you NEED to cut the clutter OUT! Make a plan before your decluttering blitz. You can't create more space & really achieve an organised home with clutter still in it.

If you need some pro-tips on the decluttering process itself, then I've got you babe - just head over here & follow these 6 Easy Steps to get your decluttering party started today. It doesn't have to be a daunting task. I promise - it can be really, really fun! Which leads me to....

5. Get the entire family involved

Okay, so this may not strictly be an Organisers secret, but it is a the-secret to properly decluttering & organising a home. If you live with another person, but you're only concentrating on decluttering & organising your own belongings, then you're going to be left with a half decluttered & organised home.

I'm not here to lie to you ... this can be messy in the beginning. It's common for one person to find it harder to let go than others & arguments can start because of clutter & missing items, but this is EXACTLY WHY it is important to involve the whole family & work through this as a team. You will come out of it stronger together.

6. Treat your home as if you are a guest, not a resident

Most of us don’t go stay at a friend’s home and rummage through the drawers, leaving everything askew. No no, no... at a guests home, we would carefully look through to find what we needed. Then carefully & considerately put things back exactly as they were. You should offer your home & yourself the same level of respect & care.

7. Start in the Easiest Room

Starting in the easiest room & building up to the hardest room builds momentum. Think of it like pushing weights, you're not going to start lifting the heaviest & move to the lightest are you? It doesn't make sense. Build yourself up gradually so that by the time you reach the items that you find harder to part with you will already be confident in asserting yourself to make the heavier decisions.

8. Keep what you use most in places easier to access

This will turn your daily grind into a dance... for example - if you use your pen & notepad most on your desk, make them the easiest to reach. Tuck things you don't use out of eyesight. Don't confuse yourself. Think about what you use the most & what you don't in every. single. room & organise it accordingly.

Bet you're happy you didn't buy those storage solutions first now, huh?

9. Put it Away Correctly Straight Away

Creating organisation systems is the easy part, staying organised requires consistent effort. It's important to acknowledge habits you can improve on in the process. One of the big reasons for a messy home is not doing things properly straight away... for example - when you come in from work, do you kick your shoes off by the door & drape your coat over a chair? Or do you put it away properly first time? Putting it away properly first time means that you won't have to go back to do it again - which means you are saving yourself time. Be your own best friend & always do it properly.

10. Save the Planet - Use Clear Airtight Containers to Store Food

Not only does food packaging take up space, it also doesn't keep food fresh. My kitchen is full of decorative, beautiful glass jars & vacuum storage that keeps food fresh & visible to the eye. Go one step further & go zero waste, by shopping in a zero waste store near you, or it you're super busy like me, The Good Club is a zero waste food company that delivers directly to your door.

Want to read more about What A Professional Organiser Does? Click here.

Want to start your declutter journey with a free printable? Try here.

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok @teampaphs for all my best pro tips, words of wisdom and encouragement, funnies and occasional stories. I hope to see you there!

I'd love to know if you find this post helpful, or if you have any questions.

I hope you're having a great wk.

You deserve to!


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