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How Yoga & spirituality changed my life

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

AT CERTAIN POINTS IN OUR LIFE... we will come to a crossroads, without knowing the outcome of each path 💫

Some press on with blind faith 💫

Some close their eyes, not wanting to see and get lost in a maze of patterns that will repeat until they learn the lesson 💫

And few will go inward, using their higher self to guide them 💫

Yoga is about connecting to this HIGHER force 💫

This is what means to take the SPIRITUAL path 💫

Not being influenced by the external world, but instead committing to connecting & finding guidance through the INVISIBLE 💫

Ppl often CONFUSE yoga for asanas (physical postures) but that is just 1/8th of what yoga is 💫

Yoga is a craft of penetrating higher CONSCIOUSNESS in order to access the oneness that lye within all life 💫

There is a time to explore the self through the external world and there is a time to explore the world by going INWARD 💫

It is about compassion, love, surrender & healing from habits that keep us SMALL 💫

It is about cultivating DISCIPLINE & connecting to our PURPOSE 💫

Yoga is a quest, where the seeker uncovers the greatest gift of all- the higher self. The ultimate THING... 💫

That INFINITE missing part that we spend so much of our lives seeking through finite things 💫

Success is often PERCEIVED as building an empire, earning millions & having a large following of ppl on social media 💫

BUT that's not success, that's CAPITALISM & these things DO NOT bring lasting joy to the soul... Furthermore, it can be easily SHATTERED 💫

Success is achieving wellness in body, mind, spirit & environment. To be so rooted in ourselves that nothing in the external world can break us 💎

The satisfaction is not in building empires but in living a greater legacy through living in ALIGNMENT 💫

It's not the quantity of connections but the QUALITY of connections 💫

It's not the amount of money but the amount of FULFILMENT through sharing our gifts & making a difference in the world... no matter how small this may seem! 💫

I came here with NOTHING and I'll leave how I came 💫

I came here with EVERYTHING & I'll leave how I came 💫

I want to leave this world having emptied my pockets, fulfilled my purpose & exercised LOVE in all its divine forms 💫

THIS is true FREEDOM... 💫

And freedom is one of my highest values. WHAT'S YOURS? 🙏💙

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Best wishes to your and yours,


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