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Meal Planning Made Simple: 16 Tips to Take You From Beginner to Pro!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Do you have a busy lifestyle and wish you had more time?

Do you want to improve your diet & quit making bad choices?

Do you want to stick to a budget? Save money and have more time for things you love?

.. Of course you do !

When I became a single mum over five years ago now, I thought I was prepared, but I wasn't. Although my Home Organisation were pretty on point, my Life Organisation was not something I was fluent in... well, it was but, life changed & all of a sudden I wasn't anymore. Becoming a mum was like me moving to another country where I didn't speak the language. I had to adapt.

I wanted to flourish, so I decided to learn new techniques, new tricks & better time management skills. And let me tell you - when I found what I needed - it changed my life! Which is a big part of the reason I am who I am today & I do the work that I do.

But it's not just busy mums that can benefit from an organised life... Everybody can. And as life gets busier & busier & more & more expensive, there has never been a greater need for learning how save money, maximise free time & simplify our lives.

Follow my tips below & you'll be on your way to being a meal-planning pro in no time!

  1. Make a Menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner every week

  2. Plan your meals around your budget

  3. Incorporate seasonal fruits & vegetables into your meals

  4. Go meat-free at least once a week - it's good for the planet & will save you £££'s!

  5. Always check what you already have before shopping

  6. Keep a board in your kitchen to write down anything you run out of the moment you notice! - It's a game-changer!

  7. Eat pulses & grains regularly - they're inexpensive & have a long shelf life!

  8. Plan to use leftovers & eat them for lunch too!

  9. Batch cook

  10. Buy versatile ingredients that you can use in various dishes

  11. Steer away from meals that require lots of special ingredients you rarely use

  12. Be mindful of what everyone in your household likes & dislikes

  13. Shop online, or laminate a list of favourite items to buy regularly delete as applicable each time you shop

  14. Allocate some time to pick out healthy, well-balanced meals that are household hits, then...

  15. Keep a folder in your kitchen of all your favourite regular meals & recipes

  16. Use a scanner when shopping, or shop online if you are intent on sticking to a particular budget. I saved a quarter of my shopping bill by doing this!

Do you practise any of these tips already?

When are you going to schedule in your time to get started on meal planning?

Get your diary out right now & allocate that time!...

..You deserve a more organised life, with less stress & more cash in your pocket.

And hey - don't forget to check out my post on Kitchen Organisation to really maximise your productivity & make the rhythm of your daily life so-much-smoother!

And-and... don't forget to subscribe...

L O V E,


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