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Money Saving Tips Part 4

If you’ve missed all the parts to my legendary Money Saving Tips so far, then never fear – they can still be found here.

I’ve taken some time to focus solely on reducing energy consumption here. Below are some of my old faithful's that I swear by, as-well-as some new ones that I’ve recently tried, tested and found to be truly successful!

1. When cooking on the hob with boiling water, use the kettle to boil the water first to save on the amount of energy used. It’s cheaper and quicker to boil the kettle than it is to heat up water in the hob.

2. Using the oven costs more in terms of energy then cooking on the hob; so why not try some one-pot meals in a big pot to batch cook and freeze some leftovers... Super frugal style!

3. When cooking in the oven turn it off 10 minutes before cooking time is up. Did you know what the oven remains hot enough to continue cooking the food for 10 minutes after it’s been turned off?

4. When cooking in the oven, use glass and ceramic pots. These will retain the heat for longer and can even help dishes to cook faster as a result!

5. Use an air fryer. These little God sends have been proven to be cheaper than using the oven. Mostly because they heat up superfast, so they take a lot less time to cook then using the oven.

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