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The Truth About Healing: What Nobody Tells You

I want to talk to you about growth and healing and what people don't tell you about it.

Healing is fucking hard. Growth is really uncomfortable. Because things don't grow in comfort zones... That quote about comfort zones being a nice place but nothing grows there is popular for a reason. But lemme give you another quote that I wrote that's even realer - wisdom cannot be absorbed intellectually, you have to go to know. See, we live in a culture where people are obsessed with learning wisdom through external sources, but wisdom is not something that can be schooled by listening to a podcast, or reading a cute quote online.

Because wisdom is not meant to be intellectualised. You cannot become wise through the intellect. The spirit is beyond that. And wisdom is about the spirit. The largest part of you that cannot be seen, or touched, only felt.

You have to go through a process to attain wisdom. And that process, a part of it is something no human has control over. It is a bigger process and it is called LIFE

There's this famous quote I love that summarises it, it goes, every man has two LIVES and second begins when he realises that he only has one. It is that awakening to life, this begins with pain...

It might be a death of a loved one, it may be the end of a relationship, you might have to endure some really brutal traumatic, some real heavy, swampy shit to get there, but what this heaviness does is it brings you to a place where you cannot possibly go back to who you were without falling apart. You become cornered. It's like the universe sets your identity on fire to give you the opportunity to run for your life. And if you choose to, to run for your life bc some people they don't. Then you will leave that smoking building, running as fast as you can to put the flames out, and with it leaves the person you used to be. And you will realise that you are not your indentity. You're something much more than that. Not just you either. But everybody carries this big, magical force inside that artists, philosophers & spiritual leaders across history have tried to define.

And when you get there. To that place. With hell behind you. And those dark clouds begin to break and you feel the sun upon your face and you smile a true smile that you've been aching for. Perhaps a smile you thought you'd never feel again bc things got so dark... You will realise. Truly realise. Through first hand experience, that:

  • Hard times are a gift. They give you an opportunity to build grit.

  • That you are much stronger than you ever even imagined.

  • That you are fucking capable of hard things.

  • That you are a force to be reckoned with.

  • That you are not here forever.

  • That you need to keep stepping up in order to stay in touch with this magic.

  • That you have got to work hard to stay awake.

  • That you deserve much more than you gave yourself before.

  • That you need to pour your love into yourself first, so that the chalice of your soul can overflow into the world and you can make love to it with your own unique blueprint, just as you were born to do.

Let's not even pretend...

  • Getting up early to workout is not easy.

  • Working when you'd rather be binging the latest Netflix show is not easy.

  • Being the parent you know your child deserves is not easy.

  • Taking risks, financially, emotionally & spiritually is not easy.

  • Looking after your mental and physical health is not easy.

  • Accepting what you cannot change & working hard to admit & improve the things you can is not easy.

  • Being accountable for your actions is not easy.

  • Quitting excuses to keep you small and safe from your potential is not easy.

  • Admitting you're a little fucked up in places & need some help is not easy.

  • Believing in love & allowing someone in again when your hearts been shattered is not easy.

  • Forgiving everyone, regardless of whether they are in your life or not is not easy.

  • Starting again, being vulnerable, opening yourself up & reintroducing yourself is not easy.

  • Getting to know yourself in a constantly evolving motion bc you know that you are an ever evolving piece of life in motion is not easy, it's an art. And to master any art, you have to get committed. No matter what it costs you. No matter how much fucking effort you have to put it. Growth is no easy feat. It's not the smiling top of the mountain snapshot, it's having a smooth climb for a few days then getting hit by a hurricane that pushes you to the edge. It's dangling by your fingertips & pulling yourself back up with blind faith. With sheer will to beyond survive. It's reaching deep into yourself. Beyond any physical energy reserve you have & into your soul.

So, if you're reading this. And you've been climbing. But it feels scary. And its hard. And you feel like giving up. And numbing out. And you're wondering why it looks so easy for everyone else on Instagram. It's because that 0.05 second snapshot of someone else's life is just that... 0.05 seconds of a 24 hour day. Of one day of their life. Behind every screen. Behind every photo is a human being who has had their own trials. Their own pain. Who is climbing and continues to climb their own mountain. They just chose to pose with a smile. But I want to give you the essence of the story behind it. Because we have much more in common then we often realise.

If you're in need of some guidance in your life, reach out for your free consultation. I would love to meet you, to learn your story and support you if I can.

Sending you so much love,

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