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What Does A Professional Organiser / Declutterer Do?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Why Professional Organising is A Service is Leading the Way For All Types of Clients to Experience More Joy, Clarity and Success in Their Lives

The term ‘Professional Organising’ was coined in Los Angeles 1984 (the year I was born – Kismet, right?) and slowly gained traction in the US over the following decades. But it wasn’t until the noughties that Professional Organising as service really began to take off, slowly building popularity for the value it adds to homeowners. During the 2000’s, it fast went from a luxury service that only celebrities used, to a home staple service like plumbing, decorating and cleaning.

But why?

Becaaause clients that used the service began to see how it positively affected their wellbeing. Research is continuously carried out into clutter and how it affects us, with scientific evidence so far stating that clutter raises our levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). It has been proven to negatively impact our mental health and even affect our ability to sleep. On a more positive note - it has also been proven through a research study that changing our environment can help us to become more successful in creating new habits!

One Professional Organiser who has taken the world by storm is Japanese dynamo Marie Kondo (also known as ‘Konmari’). Kondo is a Japanese Organizing consultant, author, and TV show host, who has recently released her second series ‘Sparking Joy’ TV giant with Netflix.

With storage solutions spilling out of aisles in every good home store on the high street, in various materials, colours, shapes and sizes; one thing is evidently clear – Professional Organising is a trend that is here to stay.

With a growing base of over 400 Professional Organisers within the UK alone (reported from APDO September 2021) the market is expanding fast… But what does ‘Professional Organiser’ really do exactly and can this service really benefit all of us?

As a Holistic Home Organiser, (Holistic meaning 'whole health') I give my clients a person-centred service that really attunes to their individual needs. Just some of the benefits of my service include:

· Less tension, stress and improved general wellbeing

· More time for what truly matters

· More space for clarity & joy

· Improved relationships

· Turning your homes into a sanctuary space that replenishes you!

BUT Professional Organisers have all kinds of specialities. Some choose to:

  • Work room-by-room

  • Specialise in home offices

  • Specialise in commercial environments

  • Assist with home moves

  • Support clients with Hoarding Tendencies & Disorder

  • Offer Life/Transformational & Productivity coaches to support clients with any clutter issues they may have be creating blocks

  • Offer Expertise in Minimalism & Sustainability

  • Help in Home-Staging & Renovation, helping their clients to increase the value of their homes... sometimes even for fraction of the price!

Professional Organising is a vast, growing field that is as diverse as the customers in the market. Whatever service it is that you want from a Professional Organiser today, just tap it into Google right now & you are BOUND to find somebody! But first, please check out my offerings. And I hope to connect with you soon.

All the best!


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