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What is Digital Detox & How Will it Benefit Me?

Digital Detoxing... what is it? I conducted an experiment at University that lead to me writing a 10,000 word thesis on this subject. And let me tell you... I could've written so much more! The results were life-changing and fascinating, not only for my participants in the study, but for me too. It has changed not only my attitude, but my actions & behaviour. I have been committed to regular Digital Detoxes ever since. Below I've listed the key take-aways from a live experiment of participants who engaged on a complete Social Media Black-out for 7 days...

  • It reduced anxiety: well, technically, it actually increased feelings of anxiety within the first 48 hours, but then this was significantly reduced, which allowed.

  • More space for creativity: subjects felt that there was more time, space & inspiration to create without Social Media interrupting their thought patterns. This is interesting and makes considerable sense, since creativity is extremely fertile under new conditions.

  • Social Media detoxing alleviates depression: Digital detoxing has many benefits for the mind. Subjects reported feeling less negative emotions, including feelings of depression within the first few days.

  • Increased happiness & joy: participants reported feeling more joyful, happy and more care-free as a result of...

  • Subjects felt more connected to the present moment without Social Media: without the interruption of social media, the group reported that they felt more present and more connected to the present moment.

  • More space and time was created in the absence of Social Media: One of the most amazing results of this experiment is that it made individuals feel that they had more time and space in their lives to appreciate what they have and to try new things.

  • Thinking occurred with more clarity: participants reported feeling more clarity and generally a lot more clear in their day-to-day thinking without Social Media in their day-to-day lives.

  • And last by by no means least, the group agreed that they felt less stressed during the 7 days of Digital Detox: An understandable result of all of the above. More time, more clarity, less anxiety, more joy, no depression, more creativity, its a no-brainer that stress reduces significantly!

Are you inspired to try a Digital Detox? Will you try 7 days without social media? Or will you turn your phone off completely? Personally, I take weekly digital detoxes every month where I delete my social media apps. And if I could, I would definitely turn my phone off, but due to work commitments and child responsibilities: I'm unable to do that. Let me know how you find digital detoxing. I'm so excited for anybody looking to try this in their life. The benefits are just huge! Especially for my fellow adhd brains!

So, if you're going to hop onboard and join the club, I say: welcome to the good-life. The slow down, let's be right here and appreciate all we have life. The find our happiness in the moments and not things life. You've arrive, so congratulations and I hope that you will stay to reep the benefits your soul so rightly deserves.

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Sending you so much L O V E ,


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