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What's Your Clutter Type?

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Clutter is a word that brings up many different emotions and associations for people. One thing I've learned as a Professional Organiser is that physical clutter is just a manifestation of mental clutter and mental clutter is a pattern that is made from stories that are as unique as each client and home is that I am so privileged to see on a daily basis. One thing I have learned though (being a hard-core pattern finder and all) is that though our stories are unique, there are commonalities that bind us and clutter is no exception to the rule.

Below, I have listed Four Clutter types I see on a regular basis:

1. The Emotional Buyer

How many statements do you agree with?

  1. Nothing cheers you up more than buying something new

  2. Giving & receiving gifts is your love language

  3. Life's too short not to treat yourself. Who cares if you can't afford it, you deserve it!

  4. The greater the cost, the greater the high!

  5. "If I haven't got it, it doesn't exist" is your mantra.

2. The Sentimentalist

How many statements do you agree with?

  1. Everything I own has a memory attached to it that makes it special, so I find it hard to let go of things.

  2. I see beauty in items, even when others can't see it.

  3. It's not about how much something costs, its about how much it means.

  4. Your home expresses your story: the places you've seen, the ups & downs, the people you love & have loved.

  5. "You can't place a price on sentimental value" is a motto that resonates with me.

3. The Minimalist

How many statements do you agree with?

  1. Having a clutter-free home makes me feel calm & clear.

  2. I care deeply about the environment & weigh very carefully whether I really need something before purchasing.

  3. I am known for being neat & organised.

  4. Feng shui & colour psychology is something that interests me.

  5. "Have less, be more" is a motto that fits me well.

4. Overwhelmed

How many statements do you agree with?

  1. I have had a big life change to deal with that has tipped my world upside down.

  2. I have tried to get organised but I just don't know where, or how to start.

  3. I'm embarrassed at how cluttered/untidy my home is.

  4. I'd love to have people over more often but I'm ashamed of my home is.

  5. "Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes" is a motto that resonates with me.

Which of these four styles resonates with you? If any, are there steps you would like to take from here to learn more?

For guidance on how to get started with Decluttering when you're overwhelmed click here.

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And for Five Pro Tips on ways to instantly invite good vibes into your home click here.

My team are here and ready to support you should you need it. And please - don't let shame rob you of your right to a clutter-free, less stressful, more joyful existence. Shame grows in secrecy. It lies and tells us that we are alone. But we are not. We are all connected. We are are all here journeying through life helping one another how we can.

Let Prim & Proper Homes help you today. Our consultations are always free & our work is 100% confidential.

I hope to speak with you & learn your story soon.

L O V E ,


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