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What to Do With Sentimental Clutter: A Professional Guide to Moving On

Are you struggling to let go of sentimental items?

Perhaps you're a seasoned minimalist, or maybe you're not... but the truth is: sentimental clutter is something that we will ALL struggle with at some stage.

How to Work Through the Indecision

If you get stuck on decluttering something sentimental, the first thing I want to assure you is that-you are not alone. So many people struggle with this. And it will get easier.

My first tip, when dealing with sentimental clutter is to let go of the overhwhelm for now. Go Declutter somewhere else in your household. Then, coming back to the sentimental items, explore each one. Speaking your memories (aloud if you can) or try writing about them. Hold the item in your hand after. Ask yourself honestly:

  • Do I want to keep this item?

  • Why?

The Truth About Grief

Gradually letting go of items following a bereavement is very common and its totally okay to do this. When I speak of bereavement by the way... this doesn't just encompass the physical passing of our loved ones, but also includes divorce, children going up and moving out and the end of friendships. Because endings with loved ones is a form of grief all on its own.

  • Are the items you are struggling to let go of representative of a loss you have endured?

  • Put how the memory attached to the item made you feel back then

  • Then ask yourself: how does this item make me feel here and now?

My Journey With Sentimental Clutter

I am a seasoned Declutter Coach for a living and I once held onto sentimental clutter for ten years...

One of my dads ornaments spent almost ten years in bubble wrap in a storage case that I moved around with me. On the outside, it probably made absolutely no-fucking-sense to somebody else, me being quite minimal yet carting this bubble wrapped item around that I had no intention of putting on display. If I knew then what I knew now, the process would have been quicker and less painful, but I had to learn the hard way and now I get to teach others all of the valuable things I have learned through experiencing a lot of grief and learning to let go of the physical reminders with compassion.

Our healing journeys are all so different. You can't put a time limit on grieving. So be patient and gentle with yourself. It's okay to hang on to some items, but if you're drowning in sentimental clutter, then it's time to call in some help.

  • Are you ready to explore why you can't let go of your sentimental clutter in a safe space?

  • Do you need some compassionate guidance on how to handle the process?- because it is a process, it might take you 10 seconds to make a decision and in some cases, it may take you 10 years, but here's the thing- learning to manage and accept the journey is what it's all about.

  • Are you ready?

Reach out for your free consultation today...

..I can't wait to serve you, to teach you all my tricks and listen to your valuable stories.

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