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Make Training in Neurodiversity Compulsory For ALL Mental Health Practitioners

'Women are likely be misdiagnosed 3/4 times with Mental Health conditions before Neurodiversity is even found'
- ADHD Aware

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Did you know that Adhd women are, on average, misdiagnosed 3-4 times before Neurodiversity is even found?  (source:Adhdaware)

 Statistics once believed Neurodiversity to be as common as 1 in 20 with Adhd experts insisting that the condition has always been underdiagnosed.

 However, due to greater awareness in our digital age, an unprecedented number of people began seeking assessment for Neurodiverse conditions- particularly Autism & Adhd.

 Neurodiversity is now believed to be as common as one in 7 people (source: BBC)

 Despite the rise in diagnosis, many are not in a position to even get a formal diagnosis & the numbers of people seeking information & help continue to climb.

Yet, Neurodiversity still remains a specialist subject. which is why it is still uncomfortably common for adults to be misdiagnosed with mental health conditions & given the wrong medication before accidentally tripping over the information themselves & seeking support through self Advocacy

I am yet to meet an adult in my own private practice who has not been misdiagnosed or given the wrong medication. this has catastrophic effects & is no longer acceptable

please support my petition to put an end to this unnecessary suffering & discrimination in our system that creates unnecessary harm on innocent individuals.

Image by Jason Goodman


  • To roll out ADEQUATE training to ensure ALL Mental Health practitioners have an understanding of Neurodivergent conditions. This is essential in being able to recognise these conditions in Mental Health services- of which there are many roles!

  • To have a clear procedure that will support suspected cases of undiagnosed Neurodivergent individuals

  • To guide all individuals who consent to and meet the criteria & signpost them to the correct specialist care providers (I have a pack that will be presented to further demonstrate worldwide approved expert resources & best guidelines on this). 

  • To challenge & investigate any misdiagnosis or medication errors promptly & to report this accurately. 

If you would like to be a part of this campaign or have any questions, please contact me via the form below. Thank you. 

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"You don't have to to see the whole staircase- just take the first step" 

- Martin Luther King

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