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5 Ways to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home Today

Do you want to feel good? Do you need a way to revive your living space with minimal effort? Well, ladies & gentleman, it's your lucky day - here is your feel-good guide to getting naturally high at home this weekend. Slow down for just a few minutes to implement these changes today & start lounging your best life instantly... #yourewelcome 1. Put a REAL plant in your work space, or kitchen

Plants symbolise growth & new life, so by putting a plant in a space where you work everyday you are encouraging success, prosperity and financial growth.

For focus on financial abundance: choose a metallic coloured pot. To help stabilise your finances and stop spending: choose a terracotta ceramic pot.

To invite new love & harmony: choose pink. For energy & creative inspiration: choose red.

For stillness & peace: choose white (too much white will increase anxiety though!)

For grounding: choose grey. For spiritual growth: choose purple. 2. Place a crystal that radiates the energy you are seeking within your home

Amethyst: for healing and spiritual growth. Place - next to you bed or on your dresser.

Rose Quartz: to invite love or heal from grief. Place – next to you bed. Jade: to increase financial abundance and career success. Place – in your office, or kitchen. Black tourmaline: for protection, regeneration and stability. Place - entrance and exit points of your home. Black hematite: for help with low self esteem. Place - next to a window in the lounge, or next to your bed.

Red Jasper: to soothe worries and anxiety. Place - in your car, wallet, or purse.

Clear Quartz: to aid clear thinking and unite body and mind. f you are also a healer, then this stone provides the greatest protection of the aura. Place - wear it as a piece of jewellery, or keyring.

Nuumite: to aid astral travel/deep meditation & creativity. Place - the place where you relax/create regularly. Please ensure you are researching where you buy your crystals from as many are unethically sourced through placing children in mines in 3rd world countries to meet increasing Western demands.

3. Smudge your home

Use sage, Palos Santos or incense after a long day. Smudge sage seasonally and Palos Santos to reconnect with your self – again, make sure whatever you buy is ethically sourced. If it is super cheap, then chances are its not going to be. I understand how hard this is when you're a babe-on-a -budget, but please - don’t be tempted by things because they are cheap... Quality over quantity! 4. Clear any blocked passageways within your home

Our home is a mirror for our lives, so any blocked pathways could be creating mental blocks too. 5. Repair anything that is broken

Keeping broken things in our environment invites unnecessary tension & confusion. Clear the way for clarity by fixing whatever is broken in your home & recycling/donating anything that is beyond repair... you will be surprised at how much lighter you feel afterward!

If you're revved up and hungry for more ways to bring positive energy into your home, try decluttering with my simple guide here.

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Wishing you all a blessed & abundant wk ahead!


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