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10 Ways to Improve Your Life & Happiness

The quality of your life is determined by where you live emotionally and how you respond to it… remember beliefs create thoughts, create habits, create feelings… and you have the power to interrupt the pattern at any moment and change the record. This is YOUR life!

I have found there to be 10 important components to holistic (total) wellbeing. These are:

1) Physiology and physical environment: movement, breath, hydration, what you eat... All of this affects how we feel, as-well-as our mental and physical health.

Hunger can turn us angry, sad and can often be confused for thirst. Mental health conditions can be a result of nutritional deficiencies. Yes... SERIOUSLY! A few years ago I had debilitating pangs of anxiety and it was all because of a vitamin D deficiency!

Find the exercise that works for YOU…

Have fun trying out different types of exercise and evaluate how your body responds by slowing down to check in with it after each work-out. What are you craving more of in your life?

Find a movement that reflects and expresses the frequency you want to dial to... Are you angry? Try boxing. Anxious? Try gentle yoga. Fatigued? Try HIIT.

Did you know?... there are more than 37 muscles in your face? Facial aerobics are a fun and silly way to change your emotional state. Moving the body is a powerful way to change your emotional state as it releases serotonin (the happy chemical) and boosts energy.

Focus = Feeling. If you want to change your feeling, change your focus.

Be intentional about what it is you focus on because if you don’t decide your intention, someone else will.

Focus on what you can control and let go of anything that you can’t. Exercise will help you to stay focussed.

2) Language

Meaning is the architect of which we design our life upon. Our purpose for getting up. Our reason for doing what we do. And whatever it is you believe to be wrong, or right… you are right! So, build your perspective with care. Get to know the walls of your mind and don’t be afraid to knock some down and start again. This is your life. Your perspective is yours to sculpt and shape and paint any colour or shade that you want. Your life is a canvas. YOU are the artist!

3. Focus

Visualise your future… what do you want? If you don’t know what you want, you will NEVER get IT! So, get in the habit of waking up everyday and asking yourself – what do I want? It’s NOT selfish… it’s the only way to create the life that you WANT! Y

We must create compelling futures that demand a chance for us to showcase, sharpen and craft our greatest assets and skills. We must find clarity and work with what brings us joy and meaning. Do you know what you value most in your life? Why not book a free discovery call to find out more about yourself.

4. Creativity

Harness your creativity and try something new. Open yourself up to new opportunities, new challenges and new connections. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, this will boost your self esteem and create situations where you can prove to yourself time and time again that you CAN!!! This is how CONFIDENCE is cultivated. By consistently showing up for yourself and proving to yourself that you CAN do it. Do the thing that scares you. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Your mind will slowly begin to trust you as you prove to it over and over again that you CAN take risks and stay safe at the same time. The resistance we feel is just the egos way of trying to keep us safe. It's a survival need. A primal component in our complex make up. Remember this and reaffirm yourself next time you want to take the risk and your mind starts freaking out: "I am safe. I can do this. I trust myself."

5. Self Enquiry

Create a journaling practise to create new habits and/or create a self enquiry practise to learn how to challenge any blocks or mental distortions you encounter on your OWN.

We must learn that there is nothing wrong with having emotions. We all have them. AND we all gave an inner saboteur (re the ego) whose job is actually to keep us safe. The power in being able to release any emotion lyes in the ability to be able to understand and accept our own duality. Once we can accept an emotion, we open a door to move on. Once we befriend our inner critic and disarm its comments with a dialogue of kindness, we can move forward.

We can learn from emotions we experience by reminding ourselves aloud that we are not the emotional state itself, but a separate entity that is experiencing it – for example: ‘I am angry’ becomes: ‘I am experiencing anger’. With compassion, learn from the experience… why did it start? What did you learn? Is there a way it can be used as a positive force?

For example: jealousy is a wonderful tool. And so misunderstood. Jealousy is an indication that a part of you wants to grow. A part of you that you have not yet recognised that could be so much greater than it already is. I invite you to practise kindness with all your emotions - not just the "happy ones". Self love is not just accepting the easy fluffy parts of ourselves, it is acknowledging the darker parts of our shadow psyche and doing the work necessary to learn, heal and shift these parts of ourselves.

Did you know...? Humans have 27 main emotions. Each of these emotions is an island of its own, with a plethora of feelings and emotions. Read more about the fascinating research on this here

6. Story

The only thing keeping you from the life that you want is the story you are telling yourself. Rewrite your story. Suffering is not the facts of our lives but our perception of it. For example… when we remain stuck in the anger stage of grief months down the line… it is no longer the grief we are caught in but our own belief that it shouldn’t have happened… this is how beliefs can create and destroy and why labelling is not helpful. It encourages us to dismiss our own deep inner workings and acknowledge the process of healing and how our participation is paramount in overcoming adversity.

Crush, destroy and annihilate any part of your story that stands in the way of you being where you want to be. Remember: we don’t have control over what happened to us, but we get to choose what it means and how we learn from it. How we create beauty from it and how we derive meaning from it to help others.

Nothing is permanent, except your soul and even that has its seasons.

If you want an extraordinary life, you have to adopt a philosophy of stretching. If you find yourself saying that you can’t do something then you must do it and you must do it immediately!

If you want security… go to prison. If you want a guarantee – buy a toaster. But if you want freedom? Take risks. Start now and don't stop.

7. Forgiveness

The art of letting go, getting over it and reclaiming your inner peace... because you fucking deserve that. (Excuse the profanities, but you do deserve this!)

When something shit happens to you, don’t get upset and let the other guy win. Use language that downplays it. That makes you laugh rather than accelerates your anger. Your language is powerful and the words you use carry an energy. So, be intentional about the words you use. If your mind is constantly replaying the event, understand that this is also the egos way if trying to keep you safe. Nevertheless - affirm yourself that you are safe. It is over. Distract yourself and move on.

Struggling to forgive? Try Honoponono regularly at the end of daily meditation practises.

8. Action – is the ultimate cure! Change your physiology, change your focus, slay your goals, love your fucking life!

Never ever leave a decision without action - either make an action right there, or schedule the action, whether that be booking a meeting, sending an email, or buying your gym membership… DO IT!!

9. Environment

Decluttering your home & organising it in a way that supports your daily rhythms can create space for your life and mind. A tidy, functional and clean home is not a luxury, but an important part of self care. Use colours that boost your mood. Surround yourself with art and quotes in places you look to often to uplift you, inspire you and remind you of what an amazing force of nature you are!

Trying to build new habits? Book a free consultation with a Professional Organiser who is ALSO a Life Coach. Book your free discovery call today with us here.

10. G I V E

Giving roots you to the meaning of the moment and gives the world a chance to see a glimpse of your soul. It connects us to love. Connects us to oneness and provides an opportunity for healing, growth, transformation, joy and happiness. If you want to live life on your own terms than give more than you ever dream of receiving and you will feel so much lighter, better and freer.

The secret to life is… 100% - GIVING!

So, that's it for now, but I have many more posts on self love. Try this one right here. Now, lemme know... what's your favourite act of self love? How often do you gift yourself with this? Think of something you love to do that you haven't done in a long time and book it/ schedule it right now. For no other reason than you deserve it!

Aand if you're looking for a Coach to cheer you on and keep you accountable, why not schedule your discovery call with me today?

Sending you so much love,


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