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Develop New Habits and Start Living Your Dream Today

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

New year, new me.

How many times have you joined the gym in January, only to find you’ve talked yourself out of going by March?

Or maybe you’ve promised to be more careful with money? – Only to blow January’s budget already in the post-Christmas sales? Yet, still you maintain: ‘this year is going to be different’…

..Is it though? And is a good intention, alone, really enough to succeed in building new habits?

Humans are habitual creatures. The subconscious controls an estimated 95% of our behaviour. With up to of 40% of our everyday habits carried unconsciously.

Think about it… How many times have you driven home from work & wondered how you even got home? You weren’t really focussed on driving, you were so busy thinking about somebody else, or what you were going to eat when you got home.

Considering this… Is it any wonder that trying to change isn’t as straightforward as we’d like it to be? Self awareness is an essential tool for implementing new habits, but we still have to have those new ideas verified by the subconscious if we truly want them to stick.

Why? Because the subconscious is the minds security system. Just like an airport… carry the wrong approach in with you, it’s going to set the alarms off & then you won’t get on board to that flight towards your new life. And yet the process can also be similar to that of unlocking your phone. You can get in with another password, you just have to teach the subconscious what this new password is & successfully convince it that it is not a threat.

The subconscious likes familiarity. And despite how we feel about it sometimes, our ego - is not our enemy. It’s consistent, in that it’s purpose is the same as it has always been, since the dawn of our species time - to keep us safe & alive.

Building new habits can be tricky, it’s true. But, what if I told you that I found a way to make any resolution of yours, at any time of year, truly stick? Furthermore - what if I told you that my method has been scientifically proven to work?

For the price of your gym membership this year, I can teach you:

How to change your environment to support your goals. As-well-as sharing with you tips & tools to help you fight the resistance, manage your mindset & achieve your goals.

Tools that will last you not just 12 months, but a lifetime.

“There’s just one way to radically change your behaviour:

radically change your environment”

Dr B.J. Fogg, Director of Stanford Persuasive Lab

Some of you may still be reading this, thinking:

‘But how does changing your environment change your habits?’

Let me ask you – do you follow the same daily rituals that you do at home when you go on holiday?

Why not?

Rehabilitation clinics rehabilitate people by teaching them new tools in a new environment. This is because all the triggers that cause the person to relapse are not present in this new environment, meaning one thing – that the likelihood for success is higher, than if a person was rehabilitated whilst living in an unchanged environment.

So, what are your goals this year? And what changes are you going to make this time to ensure that you succeed?

Whatever your goals, whatever your dream… I hope that you find the courage to move forward, the tools to support you & the consistency to meet each & every win.

All the best,


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